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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rumor: Deborah Edgerly Placed On Administrative Leave

I just came from a dinner and during that event, learned that Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Deborah Edgerly may have been placed on administrative leave, but David Shea, Chief of Staff for Mayor Ron Delums would not confirm that a high-level meeting took place today or that the outcome was indeed to change the CAO's status from "retiring July 31st but still working" to "paid administrative leave."

In my view, swaying from one decision to another is not a sign of good leadership. It's not the Mayor Dellums can't be a good leader, but I think what's happened is that Dellums made a bet that Senator Hillary Clinton would be the next step in his occupational life, lost that bet when he failed to back Senator Barack Obama, who's going to be the next president, and now is concerned about maintaining the job of Mayor.

Thus, the back-and-forth indecision.


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Tired of Smears said...

Well, well, well, it looks like Cynthia Dellums finally got her wish. It's rumored that she calls all the shots and makes all the decisions behind the scenes anyway. I guess now she will finally get to fill some of the positions with some of the names that she keeps on a list. First up, Task Force members who worked on Dellums' campaign. Let's see how long before they are all emplyed.

As an Oakland resident, I'm also a little confused when they talk about Ms. Edgerly and nepotism. How or why does Ms. Dellums have a City of Oakland email account? She is also listed in the job title as "Asst. to the Mayor". Aren't there license fees associated with each email account? Do you think City money was used to purchase her license? As a non City employee, why does she have an email account and why to my understanding, when you click on the Distribution List for the Mayor's Office, her name is a part of that group? I worry about her having any influence on the Mayor even more so, because of the rumblings I've heard from people who have passed by her, and have smelled her wreaking of alcohol. Coming to City Hall INTOXICATED? wow, what a "first lady" we have.

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