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Oakland’s Tom Hanks, John Landgraf Of Skyline High At Emmy Awards

According to Emmy Awards Was Good To Oakland’s Tom Hanks, John Landgraf Of Skyline High . Tom Hanks production company Playtone scored with four Emmys for the political thriller HBO's Game Change , while John Langraf's FX NETWORKS won three Emmys, two for Louis CK's performances and the third for Jessica Lange in American Horror Story .

Oakland City Council District 3 Tie; Lemley Up In D1

Oakland City Council District 3 Race Three-Way Tie; Amy Lemley Leads D1 The blog reports "The Oakland City Council District Three Race is a not one, not two, but three – a three-way tie according to a new poll released today. Meanwhile, Amy Lemley is the clear leader in the District One Race... The blog reports "The detailed first choice voting break down looks like this and expressed in alphabetical order: Alex Miller-Cole, 37, 7 percent; Nyeisha Dewitt, 42, 7 percent; Lynette Gibson-McElhaney, 31, 6 percent; Derrick Muhammad, 25, 4 percent; Sean Sullivan, 37, 7 percent, Larry Lionel Young, Jr., 23, 4 percent; Undecided, 368, 65 percent." This means that even with all of the money raised, the front-runners were not able to clearly distinguish themselves. Moreover, with Ranked-Choice-Voting, it's really anyone's election race to win.

Oakland Raiders 2012 Season Is Lost

The Oakland Raiders: time to push the panic button and declare this 2012 Season lost. The Raiders were clobbered by the Miami Dolphins 14 to 35, and under the crushing weight of a Miami running game it could not stop, nor had the offensive firepower to match. Last week, the Raiders lost to the San Diego Chargers showing an anemic offense that could not push the ball downfield and into the endzone. Now, here come the Steelers.

Oakland Mayor Quan Says A Lot At Democratic Convention

As reported at , Oakland Mayor Jean Quan gave this vlogger an extensive interview. Even more interesting, the talk was done in the middle of the California Delegation and during Newark Mayor Cory Booker's rousing speech. In the interview, Quan explained that she was at DNC 2012 on her "own dime," and that the Obama White House was very helpful to big city Mayors, even to the point of setting up a special office to help them. She also took time to blast California State Controller John Chiang for holding up the Oakland Army Base Project. The video is above. Stay tuned.

Chicago Police Give Robberies Little Attention

It's one thing to say "Don't get robbed in Chicago," but if you do, will the Chicago Police help you at all? From the account written over at, the answer is not only "not really," but they will not help you because robberies are given a low priority unless you're injured. That's right. You have to have been wounded for your robbery report to get any priority at all. On top of that, the robbery suspects are at large as of this writing. Read more here: