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This is Oaklandish's bus, or what they call a "Mobile Operations Unit." But I've got to ask what do they really do in that monster thing? Here's their info... This classic '67 Clark Cortez camper van has been outifitted with A.V. equipment (projector, FM radio transmitter, P.A. system), a kegerator, the Folklandish library of books, videos, collectibles & memorabilia, as well as our line of 'local love' goods. So basically we're rigged and ready to turn it out on-location at the drop of a hat! This completes our long standing dream of being fully equipped to bring our message & media to events and parties all over the town. Look for it November 5th at Dia de los Muertos in the Fruitvale!

Oakland Ecovillage Group Meets Near Lake Merritt

I found this link to an interesting group called Oakland Ecovillage and their calendar, which features Sunday walks around the Lake with a group of anti-war neighbors. I'm sure the group realizes that it needs to be more diverse than is shown in this photo, so I will not spend too much time on this except to say if you're a person of color check it out, and to the group's organizers, make a concerted effort to bring African Americans, Latinos, and others in. It's disheartening to see this kind of photo in a city that was once prized for its diversity. Not to mention eating just popcorn! How about potato salad? A potluck with baked chicken? Something!

Oakland Coliseum Wins Oakland Raiders Lawsuit; Raiders To Appeal

Oakland Coliseum wins Raiders lawsuit By DAVID KRAVETS, AP Legal Affairs Writer Fri Nov 17, 8:18 PM ET SAN FRANCISCO - A state appeals court on Friday threw out a jury's $34.2 million award to the Oakland Raiders over accusations that managers of the Oakland Coliseum falsely promised a sold-out stadium to lure the team back to the Bay Area. The case dates to 1995, when Raiders owner Al Davis maneuvered to get his team out of Southern California after revenues waned, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum's foundation was shaken by an earthquake and a deal collapsed to build a new stadium and horse track. The Oakland deal, first inked in 1995 and renegotiated a year later, gave the Raiders a $53 million loan, $10 million for a training complex and $100 million to renovate the coliseum, which they share with baseball's Oakland Athletics. The 3rd District Court of Appeal in Sacramento said in a 2-1 ruling on Friday that because the Raiders agreed to the deal a second time, the team

5321 Telegraph Ave - North Oakland Thanksgiving Shooting

OAKLAND A family dispute ends with 3 killed, 2 in custody Man dives from window to escape gunfire after holiday gathering turns violent Steve Rubenstein, SF Chronicle Staff Writer Friday, November 24, 2006 Three people were killed and another wounded when a North Oakland holiday get-together turned deadly Thursday afternoon. Two men were taken into custody in connection with the shooting. There were nine people, including a child, in the third-floor apartment at 5321 Telegraph Ave. when gunfire broke out shortly before 3 p.m. One man and two women were killed and another man wounded in the gunfire, while another man suffered a broken back when he leaped from a third-floor window to escape the bullets. Oakland police described the incident as a family dispute gone horribly wrong. "There was an ongoing disturbance within the group,'' which had started well before the bloody Thanksgiving shooting, said Officer Roland Holmgren, an Oakland police spokesman. He declined to elab

Cisco Presents "Stadium Of The Future" - Video

This is not the press conference, but a presentation on the new technology that would be in what Cicso -- the developers of the router for the Internet -- calls "The Stadium of the Future." These improvements will find their way into the planned new A's stadium to be located in Fremont, but they could be used anywhere in any stadium. The question is how much will this increase ticket prices at the new A's stadium? I'll be we're not going to see Dollar Wednesday's again after it's built -- if it is.

Oakland Condo Conversion Proposal Response

I found this post on the Yahoo Message Board for Adams Point. It's a long response to the proposal to ease conversions of apartments to condos. SAY NO TO OAKLAND'S URBAN REMOVAL PROGRAM--CONDO CONVERSIONS REVISITED! * 3 City Councilmembers led by Ignacio Dela Fuente have put a city-wide proposal to gut Oakland's existing condo conversion protections ON THE FAST TRACK with only 2 months of public hearings and no study on the impacts, including displacement of vulnerable tenants and exacerbating declining school enrollments. They want it passed before Mr. Dellums takes office. * IF YOU ARE A RENTER, increased condo conversion means that you may be evicted from your home and forced to find new housing in an even more difficult rental market. * There will be NO RENT CONTROL PROTECTIONS if the new condo units are re-rented. Over 25% of Oakland's current condos are already being rented out. * OVER 90% OF OAKLAND RENTERS won't be able to afford the new condos. Average c

Ignacio De La Fuente And Oakland Coliseum Authority Make Terrible Mistake - Lose Not Just A's, But Concerts Too

Oakland City Council President Ignacio De La Fuente made a terrible mistake yesterday when he said this to the San Francisco Chronicle: "To be candid, we made more money in one Rolling Stones concert than the A's made (us) in a whole year. We will deal with it," De La Fuente said. Wow. Apparently, Ignacio De La Fuente and the Coliseum Authority think that Cisco Field will only be used for baseball and not concerts. Does anyone at the Coliseum Authority understand that a new competing facility will open and threten to pull over half of the Coliseum's events away from it? I really think that Oakland Officials don't understand sports and entertainment as an industry, and yet are too ego-driven to know when they're making a mistake. This is a massive error.

De La Fuente Calls On SMG Instead Of Calling For Task Force On A's Matter

Here's an example of failure in the making. Instead of forming a private sector task force on the A's matter, Oakland City Council President Ignacio De La Fuente calls on stadium manager SMG for advice. Anything to put money in SMG's pocket. It makes me wonder what SMG does for them -- tickets to events? That's not right. The Coliseum Authority's enabiling resolution contains a provision to establish a 20-person private sector advisory board. But it's never been done at all. The SF Bay Area has some of the World's top sports business minds, but we in Oakland don't call on them. What's Ignacio afraid of? Good advice? In the days when the Coliseum was ran by Oakland business people, they would get together and devote time to solve the problem. Instead, we get Ignacio making more negative comments about the A's, as in "We make more money without them." Know where they got that idea from? SMG. SMG's not an economics firm --

No Bay Area Olympics; No Bay Area Super Bowl - Anatomy Of A Loser Region

Yesterday, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom announced that the effort to bring the 2016 Olympics to San Francisco was over. As the head of the Oakland Super Bowl XVIV Bidding Committee, which from 1999 to 2001 worked to bring the Super Bowl to Oakland, I hated to witness that event. I thought San Francisco had its best chance yet to land the Olympic Games because it had a large set of people who seemed to be equally committeed to doing it. The SF 2012 Olympic effort was the largely the story of the work and energy of one person, Anne Cribbs, whereas this time the heavy lifting was spread out more to others. In the case of Oakland's Super Bowl that effort was totally the story of my work and enthusiasm. But in all three cases, one element of Bay Area society came forward again and again: the selfish action of one key player, perfectly timed to wreck the chances of winning. What makes the Bay Area a great place to live is also that which keeps it from really growing as a socie

West Oakland Citizens Fight "Jerry Brown" Gentrification

In their blog of the same name, Brooke and Lian point to a growing movement in West Oakland to reduce the tide of social change driven by gentrification. They point out that since 2000, 20 percent of Oakland's black population has left Oakland, and -- they claim -- most of that departure from West Oakland. There's a campaign to stop this and the leaders of the effort have posted signs and even a large billboard in protest of what is called "predatory development." This has been ignored in the mainstream media, with people like the East Bay Express' Chris Thompson calling retailers like Walgreens champions of urban development, but offering no proof to back his claim. Still, the drive -- as uncoordinated as it seems to be -- moves on. My prediction is that it will eventually lead to the first full scale riot Oakland has ever seen. All of the drivers are in place: wildly disparant income levels, high crime, poor neighborhood job opportunities, angry police off

Adams Point - Burglary on Bellevue and Van Buren Avenues

This was posted on the "local" Yahoo! Message Board Earlier this evening [Thursday night], one of the ground-floor apartments in our building was burglarized. We are at 405 Blellevue, which is at the corner of Bellevue and Van Buren. The thief[ves] came in through the window and exited through the front door. No one saw or heard anything. The tenant came home around 2:30 a.m. so we're not exactly sure when it happened, but we think it was around midnight. The burglar(s) took an Apple laptop, iPod, and a Dark Blue LeMond road bike, as well as some small personal items. The also took a red suitcase, presumably to carry the smaller loot. The thief could still be out in the neighborhood with these items. The tenant said that last night they awoke to a knocking. At the time, they thought it was the front door, so they went to the door to find no one there. It seemed peculair, but at the time they thought it was maybe the wind or something else that made the sound. Now, in retr

Councilmember Pat Kernighan Says She's Ready To Keep The A's

I just found this video while looking for other content, and wondered why Councilmember Pat Kernighan's staff didn't place it on her website. In this video, made by the "Choose Or Loose The Oakland A's" effort, the District Two representative says she will raise the matter of the retention of the A's to the level of public discussion. Well, Pat, lets' get started! Here's the video:

SF Mayor Newsom Fights To Keep Niners; Oakland Mayor Dellums Doesn't Fight At All For A's

The San Francisco 49ers annouce they're going to move -- or try to move -- to Santa Clara (and to a parking lot and an area rife with environmental impact issues). SF Mayor Gavin Newsom says he will fight to keep the 49ers in San Francisco, and to that end, he's already dispatched SF City Attorney Dennis Herrera to build a case that will do so. Meanwhile, Lew Wolff annouces a deal to move the Oakland A's to Fremont, and Oakland Mayor-Elect Ron Dellums (yep, I'm calling him out since Jerry's now Attorney General) and Oakland City Council President Ignacio De La Fuente do nothing. In fact, De La Fuente thinks there's nothing that can be done. Boy is he wrong. At about this point, I'd give the free advice that Alameda County Supervisor Scott Haggerty told me I was giving and Ignacio told the SF Chronicle he doesn't listen too, but I'm not gonna do that. Instead, I'm going to rag on both Dellums and De La Fuente for a lack of pride and a poor

Aimee Allison, Talk To The Press!

Aimee, according to this Tribune article below, your not talking to the press in the wake of your District Two loss. This is a big mistake. Aimee, I know you're upset, but the future of your political life in Oakland started the very second you knew you were going to lose to Councilmember Kernighan. In order to set a path for your proper growth in Oakland politics, talk to the press, don't blame people for the loss, call Pat and congratulate her, and pledge to help her. In short, don't hold a grudge. Move on. What political capital you've generated will vanish if you come off like a sore loser. Let's see a more upbeat article about you than what appears here... Kernighan hangs on to her seat with runoff By Heather MacDonald, STAFF WRITER - OAKLAND TRIBUNE Article Last Updated:11/09/2006 02:59:04 AM PST OAKLAND — After two elections, an avalanche of campaign mail and bruising personal attacks, Patricia Kernighan won the Grand Lake-Chinatown seat on the Oakl

John Russo Video Interview - Phil Tagami Discovers VideoBlogging

Last weekend, I ran into Ted Tagami, whom I've known since Skyline High School -- he class of 81; me 80 -- at "The Vloggies" which is a great awards show for vldeo-bloggers, and then again at a brunch in Belevedere that Sunday. On the way out, Ted told me to check out the vlogs of his brother, Phil Tagami. I just happened to literally stumble over one of his vlogs on Google, and took at look at his vlog listings. I found this little gem of a vlog where Phil interviewed John Russo -- who's the luckiest golf player I know -- about Measure O and good government. Here's the video: Click To Play

Aimee Allison, Don't Feel Bad, Try Again - 827 Vote Difference

Aimee, you ran a great and sprited campaign. Look, you only lost to Councilmember Pat Kernighan by 827 votes. To put this in perspective, that's about the number of people that generally see a first-run movie at the Grand Lake Theater. You're going to get there. Even your opponents point to your charisma and charm. Don't look down at all. If you're asking "What can I do that I didn't do this time?" the seeds of the full answer may rest in the fact that Councilmember Kernighan's party was -- according to the SFist -- at Pacific Renaissance Plaza in Chinatown, whereas yours was at Maxwells. Your choice was hip; hers was Asian. If you're asking how you might increase your presence in the Asian community, here's my answer: join the Chinatown Chamber of Commerce and get to know the players like Carl Chan and Judy Chu and others -- and listen. Face time is valuable, but ear time is golden. Meanwhile, it's time to go about the task of me

Phil Angelides Wins! - Alameda County Registrar Of Voters Reports He Wins Governors Race

Check this out: DEM - Phil Angelides 166636 55.68 REP - Arnold Schwarzenegger 112305 37.52 GRN - Peter Miguel Camejo 12525 4.19 LIB - Art Olivier 2750 0.92 PF - Janice Jordan 2545 0.85 AI - Edward C. Noonan 1661 0.55 Write-in 859 0.29 This is not a misprint. It's up on the Alameda County Registrar of Voters site as of 7 AM this morning. Wow. Look, I know and you know this didn't happen, but someone at Alameda County Registrar of Voters really didn't want Arnold Schwarzenegger to win. I wasn't one of them. I voted for him. Why would a stanch Democrat like me vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger for the second time? Because the California Democratic Party is in the 20th Century when it comes to an understanding of why candidates are and are not compelling to voters and seems to think it has a lock on every election in the state. We've got to get with it as a party.


If and when ground is broken to build an A's baseball stadium in Fremont, it will the fault of Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown. It was Brown, who when he announce in June of 2002 that there would be "no downtown Oakland A's ballpark as long as he was Mayor of Oakland" deliberately killed sports as we've known it in Oakland, and made our once great city just another normal second tier hamlet. It was Ignacio De La Fuente who not only got into some really stupid ego battles with A's owners, but early this year annouced to the East Bay Express that he "had no time for the A's." It was Ignacio who was known more for being upset that he was contantly out-manuevered in negotiating with the A's by Alameda County Supervisor Scott Haggerty than for any real interest in maintaining the A's in Oakland. Score one for Alameda County, who's officials always questioned Oakland's lack of leadership in this matter. So what did they do? Work to tak

A's To Annouce Their Leaving Oakland For Fremont - ESPN

As I've reported here, the A's had already worked out a financing plan to build a stadium in Fremont. But the real story is the almost total lack of effort and real indignation toward the team that's been shown by certain members of the Oakland City Council, and of course the Mayor of Oakland. It's not that Fremont had the land; it had the termination. Report: Athletics will build stadium in Fremont news services The Oakland Athletics are expected to announce next week they will build a new stadium in suburban Fremont, Calif., the San Francisco Chronicle reported Tuesday, citing sources close to negotiations for the deal. The newspaper reported the team wants to acquire a 143-acre site near the former Baylands Raceway Park and build a privately-funded 36,000-seat ballpark at an estimated cost of $300 million. The property is currently owned by the city of Fremont and is leased to high-tech firm Cisco Systems. The Chronicle reported Athletics managing partne

A Walk With Aimee Allison - Oakland City Council District Two Candidate Video

On the Monday before Election Day, I met Oakland City Council District Two Candidate Aimee Allison at her campaign headquarters to really just walk and talk with her while my camcorder rolled. The video was quickly done and there was virtually no editing required. The result is a the first vlog of an Oakland City Council candidate such that the person's explaining their views and completely without the mudslinging and negative questions that have come to dominate this campaign. Here's the vlog of Aimee Allison: Click here for the version.

Kernighan: Dellums To Be More "Engaged And Present" Than Jerry Brown

Well that's what she said. I had to pick this off from my other post on the District Two race: The blogger -- NovoMetro (why don't these people use their real names!) -- also asked Kernighan serveral questions, which got interesting responses: Kernighan: I think it's going to be interesting. I'm pretty excited to have someone who is going to be more present and engaged. Does this mean Jerry's not going to be "present and engaged" as attorney general? Hmmm....

Oakland City Council District Two - African American Money To Allison

This co-co-times report is interesting if one knows what to look for. Councilmember Pat Kernighan's financial aide has in part come from Oakland's mostly white political establishment, where Allison's money has been drawn -- at least here -- by Black notables: former Mayor Harris, Geoffrey Pete, and Steven Phillips, who although from San Francisco, is African American. So, again, this race is about that silly thing called skin color. Kernighan has financial advantage over Allison Incumbent has $57,000 to spend as of Oct. 26; challenger has $40,100 in campaign war chest By Heather MacDonald MEDIANEWS STAFF With the heated race for District 2 entering the home stretch, Councilwoman Patricia Kernighan has $57,000 to spend, according to records filed Oct. 26 with the Oakland city clerk. Challenger Aimee Allison, a nonprofit consultant and community activist, has $40,100 in her campaign war chest. Since the beginning of the year, Allison has spent about $96,200 in the fierce

Oakland City Council District Two - More Contrasts In Blog Posts

I could not help but post these two blogs I found concerning volunteers for Aimee Alison and Pat Kernighan. One post from an Allison supporter reflects on Kernighan living in the hills and being a kind of upper crust, white candidate , which really is Pat's right "to be." In other words, I don't care that she is -- more power to her. What I care about are attempts to have a diverse friendship grouping. That's my onlly issue with Pat, but by normal American standards, she's ahead. But this is Oakland, where one has to meet a higher standard, thank God. The other reports on the bloggers neighborhood walk with Kernighan and has a photo of her with supporters, all in this photo are not white -- except for Pat and one other person -- they're Asian. But some contend the District Two race will be won with the Asian vote. Still, it's very disappoiting to see no Blacks or Latinos, or anyone else of color. Asians and whites have historically mixed well

Oakland City Council District Two - Aimee Allison and Pat Kernighan - A Campaign Race In Black and White

Contrasting Styles In District Two Aside from all of the complaining and the Oakland Tribune article below which reports some overzealous behavior by Aimee Allison supporters she has no control over, one aspect of this heated race has been almost deliberately ignored: it's a race of black versus white. This fact is not lost on me when I walk by Pat Kernighan's headquarters and see all of the faces, by far white, some Asian, and I've not seen anyone black to date. By contrast, Aimee Allison's supporters are far more represented by people of color. It doens't say much that's good that Councilmember Kernighan has so little support amoung people of color compared to Aimee. But the simple reason for this is Pat doesn't reach out to anyone who is of color. I'm not talking about going to the NAACP office and begging for black friends, but just plain establishing and maintainng friends of color in Oakland. There's no trick to this. Instead, what we get