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Adams Point - Burglary on Bellevue and Van Buren Avenues

This was posted on the "local" Yahoo! Message Board

Earlier this evening [Thursday night], one of the ground-floor apartments in our building was burglarized. We are at 405 Blellevue, which is at the corner of Bellevue and Van Buren.

The thief[ves] came in through the window and exited through the front door. No one saw or heard anything.
The tenant came home around 2:30 a.m. so we're not exactly sure when it happened, but we think it was around midnight.

The burglar(s) took an Apple laptop, iPod, and a Dark Blue LeMond road bike, as well as some small personal items. The also took a red suitcase, presumably to carry the smaller loot. The thief could still be out in the neighborhood with these items.

The tenant said that last night they awoke to a knocking. At the time, they thought it was the front door, so they went to the door to find no one there. It seemed peculair, but at the time they thought it was maybe the wind or something else that made the sound. Now, in retrospect, they think that the thief was here last night and that the the criminal knocked
on the living room window to check and see if anyone was home. That was around midnight, which is why we
think that tonight's burglary probably happened around that time.

The tenant is pretty sure that the window was locked, which means that the thief was able to force the window open from the outside. The thief removed the screen, climbed in, and took the stuff. They took only the things they could carry in that suitcase easily, in addition to the bike. They did not take the stereo, TV, or any CDs or DVDs.

That's all we know at this time.

- Adams Point Resident
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