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Bar Dogwood In Downtown Oakland’s Windows Smashed After George Zimmerman Verdict

From Downtown Oakland was once again the focus of the window smashing work of anarchists, some who have been incorrectly identified as being with Occupy Oakland. Bar Dogwood on 17th and Telegraph got the brunt of the violence, as its windows were smashed, once again. That is a small, woman-owned establishment trying to make a go of it in Oakland. There was no reason to attack Bar Dogwood, or any Oakland business. The people who did this should seek ways to change laws and improve race relations. But this doesn't help anyone. More at George Zimmerman Verdict: Bar Dogwood In Downtown Oakland’s Windows Smashed -

BART Ends Strike, Talks Ongoing, Trains Running At 3 PM

The BART Strike that has impacted the travel and commute patterns throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and especially from the East Bay to the West Bay, is over. BART released the following statement from General Manager Grace Crunican: “I am happy to announce the BART system will be open and fully operational at 3pm on Friday. More at BART Strike Is Over, Trains Operating Now, At 3 PM -

Bryan Parker For Oakland Mayor Raised 52K As Of June 29th 2013

Bryan Parker, the Oaklander and a vice president with Davita Health Care, has raised $52,000 as of June 29th and for his run for Mayor of Oakland. Here's a YouTube commenter on Bryan: Bryan is an awesome candidate. I am impressed by his fiery passion and genuine desire to be a servant leader. His vision is well informed and he listens to the people. His candidacy is inspiring and energizing the city in a way I have never witnessed at the local level. He's got my vote! Vote for Bryan Parker for Mayor, and visit the website at