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Adam Sandler Looking For Dan Patrick At Raiders - Jets Game

What's The San Francisco America's Cup All About

Tout com SF Video Sharing Company Visit

Oakland Has Moneyball and Gives Make Westing A Problem

As Oakland's Downtown grows with places to go, increasing jobs and commerce, there are small signs of class tensions developing. This was evident in the wake of the Moneyball Premier at The Paramount Theater. No, this blogger did not have a ticket to the event, and considering the work that was to be done, attendance suddenly wasn't an option anyway. Still, around 10-ish, at night, after working on videos related to my new Atlanta VidBlogger Nation Show on Comcast XFinity in Atlanta, going down to check out the scene and have dinner seemed like a good idea. (So if you're in Atlanta, I'm on 24 and 7.) So, the first stop was Luka's for a great burger and fries. Got to say that Luka's burger is still consistently excellent, and the fries are a meal themselves. The crowd was the typically cool interracial mix the tap room is known for. But wanderlust set in and I headed off for other parts of the Uptown Entertainment District. It's best to divide Upt

San Francisco TransBay Terminal Center Area Plan Released

That the San Francisco TransBay Terminal Area Plan has been released, let alone that the new San Francisco TransBay Terminal is under construction (and forget for the moment Wednesday's press conference) is just plain remarkable. As the video from the press conference will show, this is a huge project, and a much needed one. When this blogger first saw plans for what this TransBay Center will be way back in 1995, I really never thought this was going to get off the ground. Then, the cost was estimated to be $2 billion, and now it's $4 billion, and all of the building complex that was the historic Transbay Terminal is gone. A thing of San Francisco Bay Area history. Its shocking, because I've used that complex so many times I forgot to count them. For those who are new to the area, or just growing up to become aware of what's happening, The Transbay Terminal was the place AC Transit Buses came over from the East Bay, and SamTrans buses came over from Marin County, b