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Mitt Romney Has Not Presented His College Transcripts

Some ask about the President's college transcripts, but not Mitt Romney's. He's never presented them. Where are Gov. Mitt Romney’s college transcripts? For all of the questions about President Obama and his college transcripts, which are not sealed by the way, no one has asked to see Governor Mitt Romney’s college transcripts.  Here’s where silliness ensues. Because it’s one thing to know that Romney graduated in a certain year, or that he was cum laude, but its another thing to know exactly what classes Mitt took and what grades he got. There’s no bit of information on that at all. Nothing. For more, see Zennie62: Mitt Romney Must Show College Transcripts Mitt Romney Must Show College Transcripts

CPUC Picks George Mitchell As Mediator Behind San Bruno Mayor's Back

The California Public Utilities Commission is in a lot of hot water. On Tuesday, the CPUC announced that it selected Former Senator George Mitchell as mediator in the ongoing talks to determine the fine to be levied against Pacific Gas and Electric Company. The trouble is, only PG&E knew of Mitchell’s appointment and no one else, and Mitchell’s law firm, DLA Piper, has a number of utility clients. The move places the CPUC in the position of looking like it’s trying to engineer a low fine for California’s utility giant. for more, see:

Sean Sullivan, $38 for 38 years Party In Oakland

Sean Sullivan, who is running for Oakland City Council District Three's open seat, is having a birthparty fundraiser. For more details, click on the link to Sean Sullivan, Oakland: $38 for 38 years – We Are Having A Party

Oakland Movies: THE NEW PARKWAY presents “24th on 24th”!

Thanks to, we have news of the New Parkway. You may remember the old Parkway and its closing. But in case you do not, you should see the video series at Here's one of them: For the rest of the story... Oakland News: THE NEW PARKWAY presents “24th on 24th”!

Oakland A’s Sweep Texas Rangers, Now AL West Champions!

The Oakland Athletics have swept the Texas Rangers in three games and won the American League West. The playoffs return to Oakland after a six-year absence, and Oakland can sure use the good news. The Oakland A’s won the third game in dramatic fashion: a 12-5 victory that looked for all the World like a loss, as the two-time AL West Champion Rangers took a 5-1 lead to start the first three innings of the contest. More at Oakland A’s Sweep Texas Rangers, Now AL West Champions!

Sean Sullivan For Oakland City Council

This was posted at Oakland City Council District Three Candidate Sean Sullivan states the reasons why he's running. I have been running for Oakland City Council since May 23, 2011 when I had my first house party in Adams Point. I’m running for Oakland City Councilmember because I believe in the promise and possibility of Oakland. I’m running for City Council to give the residents of District 3 the leadership we need—and the ability to get things—on the critical issues impacting our community, including improving public safety, creating jobs and smart growth, and prioritizing essential neighborhood services. I intend to build on the work that I have done as a neighborhood advocate to achieve these goals. You can find evidence of my service to this community all throughout district 3. More: Sean Sullivan For Oakland City Council: Why I’m Running. What I’ll Do For District 3