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Lisa Carrodus Shows Sexy Biceps And Hot Female Muscle

Kim Kardashian Flour Bomb By Hater From PETA  Kim Kardashian Flour Bomb By Hater From PETA

Doug Thornton On SMG And The Oakland Coliseum

My friend Doug Thornton, the man who saved the Louisiana Superdome, and who's SMG's Senior Vice President for Stadiums, sat down with me to talk about how the Coliseum has progressed since he came on the scene representing SMG in this capacity, and about the competition with AEG (known for developing LA Live) to run the Coliseum in the future - a brass knuckles showdown. Doug's home is New Orleans, but, and in recognizing his years of expertise and cool under pressure, SMG expanded his role to include their stadiums they manage, and that includes the Coliseum. In our talk, Doug was able to readily list the accomplishments of SMG at the Oakland Coliseum. "Things are going well at the Coliseum. Over the years, we have been able to decrease the operating losses by about 3-and-a-half-million dollars a year to the (Oakland Alameda County Coliseum Authority), by increasing our revenues from concerts and non-sports team bookings - about 1.8 million over that period.&

City Of San Bruno and PG&E Reach Agreement: $70 Million Recovery Plan

This is welcome news after an episode of bad relations between the City of San Bruno and PG&E. Read the press release, below: SAN BRUNO, Calif.—The City of San Bruno and Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) today announced an agreement for PG&E to pay San Bruno $70 million in restitution to support the City and community’s efforts to recover after the Sept. 9, 2010 PG&E pipeline tragedy. “I am pleased to announce that San Bruno has reached a settlement with PG&E for restitution for the community of San Bruno,” said Mayor Jim Ruane. “This money will be used for the benefit of all the citizens of our city and to help us, as a community, get beyond the tragedy and devastation caused by PG&E’s explosion and fire.” “The community of San Bruno has suffered through a terrible tragedy and we understand that this accident will affect this community forever,” said PG&E President Chris Johns. “We committed the night of the tragedy and continue to commit

BevRivas on KONY2012

The Oakland Adams Point Stalker

Folks, be aware of this man. An Oakland (California) Adams Point resident posted a message that was completely horrifying. So, without further delay, here it is, in full: I;m posting snips from an email a friend sent me last night. She wants to remain anonymous, but agreed to letting me post these details. Please, be careful when you're out on our streets-- Subject: Re: Screaming on Jayne Avenue about 3 this afternoon. Yes...It was me. Thanks for your kind words... (M)y throat's awfully sore, but I think I'll be okay. Right now, I'm more furious than frightened. I too am sorry you didn't call 911, but I'm thankful lots of other neighbors did. I wish I'd had the presence of mind to scream something like Rape or Fire or Call 911 like you suggested, but frankly, I was so scared, all I could do was scream and keep screaming. ... So here's a description, for those of you who might be interested in keeping an eye out for (and let your neig

Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan On Police Redeployment

[caption id="attachment_16537" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan"] [/caption]Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan, concerned that the public has the wrong idea about the redeployment of what the City of Oakland calls "Problem Solving Officers", wrote "a letter to the community" which appears below. It essentially says that 35 police officers are still placed in each of the City's 35 police beats, but 22 officers were reassigned to what is called the Crime Reduction Team. That group works in the same 100 block area, but where Jordan's letter misteps a bit is in its explanation from there. What he should have said was that the officers were "wild" - could go wherever the threat is. (Well, maybe "wild" is not the best term to use in the wake of the OPD's "wild" reputation, most recently enhanced during the Occupy Oakland protests.) Here's