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Oakland Celebrates Barack Obamas Acceptance Speech

I wish I would have known that everyone was gathering at Geoffery's Inner Circle downtown for this event. I'm sure it was quite a site, and definetly one for the history books. I was at home. The heat that the day brought Oakland had myself and all of my neighbors with their windows open, television sets turned up and tuned into Barack Obamas acceptance speech. And that, for me, sent shivers up my spine. We are all a witness to history. The Oakland Tribune's full story below: Oakland abuzz over Barack Obama nomination Sees Obama as bringer of change and symbol of overcoming racism Angela Woodall Oakland Tribune Article Launched: 08/28/2008 10:30:23 PM PDT "I accept your nomination as president of the United States." Those few words from Barack Obama, who made history Thursday as the first African-American presidential nominee of a major political party, sent shivers up spines and drove the audience gathered at Geoffrey's Inner Circle in downtown Oakland to its

East Bay High Temperatures Bring Fire Warnings - Oakland Tribune

Not only are we facing chances of fires starting but the air quality in these times are poor. Everyone is encouraged to SPARE THE AIR, and use public transportation. The full story by the Oakland Tribune is below: By William Brand, Staff Writer Article Last Updated: 08/27/2008 10:46:10 AM PDT Red flag fire warning for East Bay hills today It's a familiar story this time of year of the Bay Area. The combination of hot winds blowing out of the Central Valley, rising temperatures and bone dry conditions has caused the National Weather Service to issue a Red Flag fire warning today. The fire-danger warning is for the Diablo Range and the North Bay and East Bay Hills, especially the southernmost East Bay hills near San Jose, the Weather Service said. Temperatures are expected to hit 102 degrees in Livermore and Concord this afternoon; even next to the bay, Oakland can expect 90 degrees. Tomorrow's going to be even warmer, up to 104 in the Concord - Pleasanton-Livermore corridor and

Oakland's Art and Soul Festival Labor Day Weekend

Don't forget to set a day (or 3) aside this weekend for the annual Art and Soul Festival in Oakland. Between 60 national recording artists performing, to an array of authentic food from all over the globe, your time and money will be well spent. There's dancers expressing themselves from their soul through their performances, and there is plenty of games and activities for the children. Simply put there's a plethera of Art to create, view, and buy in the heart of downtown Oakland. The festivities start August 30 - September 1, starting at noon - 6pm every day. I've included a promotional video on the Art and Soul Festival I found on Youtube by Comcast. If you're intrested in watching it, click here.

Oaklands Reserves Missing Millions; Dellums, Edgerly, Quan, Chai and former City Manager Bobb sort out fiscal mess

With $48 million of Oakland reserves gone, and over $21 million unaccounted for, it looks like Oakland will have a rough September. We have our key players; former City Manager Robert Bobb teaming up with Mayor Ron Dellums, City Administrator Deborah Edgerly, City Councilwoman Jean Quan and Mayor's Cheif of Staff David Chai all trying to uncover the mystery of the missing millions, and are working together to present a new budget for the City of Oakland. This could mean tough times up ahead. Read the whole story by Matier and Ross SF Gate : Oakland's finances appear to be far worse than suspected. Former City Manager Robert Bobb, who has parachuted into town at the request of Mayor Ron Dellums to try to sort out the fiscal mess, has discovered that Oakland's reserves have been drawn down by as much as $48 million in the past year, and accounting for most of the missing funds hasn't been easy. Just last year, Bobb said, the city reported a reserve of between $60 million

One Killed, Seven Injured in East Oakland Shooting, No suspect - Oakland Tribune

Looks like there is more violence this week in Oakland. One killed, seven wounded in Oakland shootings Article Last Updated: 08/23/2008 10:27:12 AM PDT FROM STAFF REPORTS OAKLAND — A woman was shot to death and seven other people wounded by gunfire in different incidents in a three-hour period early today in East Oakland, police said. Police said it was too early to say if any of the incidents were related, but early indications were that they were not. In the fatal shooting, a woman was found about 3:51 a.m. today lying on the sidewalk in the 2200 block of 90th Avenue at Dowling Street. She was taken to Highland Hospital where she died at 4:25 a.m. Police believe the victim is 52 and lives in the area. But she had not been positively identified this morning. Sgt. George Phillips said police have no witnesses, motive or suspects in the killing. The slaying was Oakland's 90th homicide of the year. Last year at this time there were 87 homicides. Details about the non-fatal shooti

City of Oakland Under FBI Microscope; Oakland City Attorney Supoena Sent; Johnson Hits His Target

In the ongoing drama that is Oaklsnd City Hall, we have the old news that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is now taking a look -- a deep look -- at charges of nepotism and favoritism at Oakland City Hall. If you want to see the supoena sent to City Attorney John Russo, click here. But I'm not surprised because about two months ago or so the Chronicle's Chip Johnson himself said to me that he thought the FBI should be involved in this matter. That was a long time before his article came out , but the FBI seems to follow the path set by Johnson, who was not quiet or secretive of his dislike for now-Former Oakland City Administrator Edgerly's approach. That I now state publicly has bothered me because it came to a point where I could not tell if Chip's work was personal or professional. I suppose the best columnists do their most outstanding work angry, but there were times I belived it was a little much. Still, the end result -- a total analysis of w

Jonathan Gonzalez Slain In East Oakland - Oakland Tribune

I saw this terrible bit of information today: Suspected West Oakland gang member slain in East Oakland FROM STAFF REPORTS Article Last Updated: 08/20/2008 04:32:05 PM PDT OAKLAND — A reputed member of West Oakland's Acorn drug gang died early Wednesday from gunshot wounds sustained Tuesday night in East Oakland, police said.. He was identified as Jonathan Gonzalez, 21, whose street name was "Redbone," police said. A 34-year-old man who said he was Gonzalez's cousin was also wounded. His name was not released and police were not sure if he lived in Oakland or Emeryville. The shooting happened about 9:53 p.m. Tuesday at a housing project in the 1200 block of 65th Avenue. The older man was able to tell police he and Gonzalez were walking back from a store when they were confronted by a man with a gun who began shooting at them. Both men were hit several times by gunfire. Gonzalez died from his wounds at 2:29 a.m. Wednesday at Highland Hospital. The othe

Christine Pelosi On Obama, Clinton, And The California Democratic Party's Denver Shindig Location

This is the first video kicking off our coverage of the Democratic National Convention and events leading up to it. This one was a $2,300 a plate fundraiser for Barack Obama at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco, CA, Sunday August 17th, 2008. As part of the event, an Obama Rally was held outside of the hotel. Two, perhaps three people with bullhorns were leading the crowd in "Obama" cheers, and one I recognized. Christine Pelosi, daughter of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the author of the well-received book " Campaign Boot Camp " a guide to successful campaigning, as well as a California Superdelegate supporting Senator Barack Obama. I asked Christine about having Hillary's name placed in nomination and she skillfully ducked the question as only she can do. Instead, she said she was looking forward to the voting process, and reminds us that she's been a delegate since 1996. Then Christine informed me that the California Delegation will have its

Oakland Kosher Foods To Reopen September 15th After Fire

The familiar, long time home of Oakland Kosher Foods at 3419 Lakeshore Ave suffered a fire two weeks ago, causing about $30,000 of damage. " Jewish and Breaking News " Reports: The Shabbat afternoon fire at Oakland Kosher Foods two weeks ago caused more damage than was initially estimated, co-owner Yuval Atias said this week. The Oakland Fire Department originally estimated the damage at $30,000, but it’s a great deal higher than that with a lot of repairs in the offing, Atias said. “We’re trying really hard to finish two weeks before Rosh Hashanah,” Atias said. “So that would put it around Sept. 10 or 15, somewhere in there.” Rosh Hashanah begins at sundown Sept. 29. While repairs are being made, Oakland Kosher Foods is storing meat and other products in a San Leandro warehouse, but also offering delivery. Some meat-cutting, as well as catering preparation, will be done in the kosher kitchen at Beth Jacob Congregation, which is located about a mile from the damage

Rep. Barbara Lee Only Elected Official To Attend AIDS Conference

Congresswoman Barbara Lee has a history of firsts and of standing up by herself to stand for a cause or a point. This is one example : The International AIDS Conference has a history of welcoming world leaders, including presidents and kings, greeting delegates and saluting "them" for their efforts to eradicate HIV. Year after year, one elected official has bypassed the flashing lights and cameras of the opening ceremony and joined the ranks as one of "us," contributing energetically as a presenter, moderator, spokesperson and HIV visionary all week. Once again, Representative Barbara Lee (D-CA) is the sole member of the U.S. Congress to attend the International AIDS Conference. On Tuesday, I caught up with Rep. Lee to learn how her involvement builds progressive momentum globally and in the U.S. "I saw that there was a void when I when to Congress so I started participating to get a good handle on what strategies and what policies the United States shou

Clinton Should Not Be In DNC Nomination: Ignore P.U.M.A

Hillary Clinton Should Not Be In Nomination: Ignore P.U.M.A Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's name should not be put in nomination for the Democratic Presidential Nominee at the DNC Convention for several reasons. But before I state them, let me explain that I have supported the idea of an Obama / Clinton ticket for some time. But these reasons have caused me to be less enthusiastic about that, and to reject the idea of her name in the nomination process. 1) Senator Clinton lost the primary. For reasons that have been explored in depth, Senator Clinton lost the primary delegate race to Senator Barack Obama, and Senator Obama gained more popular votes than Senator Clinton. 2) I did not like the way Senator Clinton conducted herself after the end of the primary. At first, she was working for party unity, but did not rein in some of her supporters and did not have her husband former President Clinton fall in line and support Senator Obama 100 percent. It's as if they

Steve Donziger Wants Billions From Chevron But Not For Ecaudor; For Himself

Steve Donziger Wants Billions From Chevron Not For Ecaudor Steve Donziger, the lawyer representing Ecuador against Chevron in a $16 billion lawsuit, where Chevron is not the actual party at fault, stands to gain over $5 billion, making him one of the richest people in the World -- if he wins. If the truth prevails, the company Donziger should be suing is Petroecuador, owned by the Country of Ecuador. That firm has been responsible for explosions and oil spills since 1990. If Donziger wins, Petroecudor litterally gets away with murder. ..More to come.

Cal's Emily Silver Wins The Silver in The 2008 Beijing Olympics!

We hear alot about Michael Phelps and Natalie Coughlin, especially in the San Francisco Bay Area, where Natalie's a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley -- Cal! But we don't hear alot about heroes like Emily Silver, Natalie's teammate , fellow Cal-grad, and friend. Emily planned and trained to race in the 100 free, 100 fly, 200 free, and 50 free, but because she broke two fingers, Emily qualified for the 4 by 100 relay, where she played a major role in the United States taking the silver medal in that category. Congratulations Emily and GO BEARS!

Fake Fireworks and Lip Sync Olympics Ceremony: "Wag The Olympics" -- Last Friday's Olympics Opening Ceremony in Beijing Olympics Stadium was without a doubt the greatest event of its kind in the history of the Olympic Games. It was China's "coming out" party, and the organizers $300 million was well-spent. The results showed in China Olympian Li Ning's levitating speed-skater style "walk" around Olympic Stadium and his lighting of a giant torch, which in turn caused what had to be the largest fireworks display in the history of the Olympic Games, if not the World. A spectacle that looked tremendous, and even animated, and that's because it was. The organizers of the event admitted that computer graphics were used to "replace" the actual fireworks images because the fear was that the "haze" -- read: smog -- was so bad that a great camera shot of the pyrotechnics would have not been possible. Still, it was controversial because it took away from the overall histo

Using New Media At The DNC Convention: A Look At Zennie62's Method

This video presents the "production process" behind the planned use of New Media at the DNC Convention by Sports Business Simulations' SBS Media / Zennie Zeigeist blog. New Media -- DNC Convention Broadcast Objective: to quickly and cheaply bring text, audio, and visual information that generally tells a story to as many people as possible in as short amount of time as possible. Instruments Hardware and Software Hardware: 1. MacBook -- Has "iMovie" software built in that makes editing movies easy. 2. Sony Camcorder -- Used to make videos and feed to computer 3. iPhone -- used to take photos and also to make mobile blog posts which feed to Zennie's Zeitgeist remotely. Software: 1. Blogger -- the online home of Zennies's Zeitgeist blog. 2. iMovie -- used to edit the videos uploaded from the camcorder 3. Google -- used to get information and articles on related subjects that then can be linked to in a blog post. 4. Twitter -- updates on Twitter post at th

Yusuf Bey IV Talks About Chauncey Bailey's August 2, 2007 Killing

This is the video that was the focus of a front page Oakland Tribune article, where it was refered to as the "secret tape". It has Yusuf Bey IV of Your Black Muslim Bakery talking to two other unidentified associates in an Oakland Police holding room, and whispering as if they did not want to be heard, but they were. What's revealing in this tape is the sheer insensitivity of the three to the fact that Bailey (or anyone) had been murdered. It's also hard to pin down who did what from the tape. But it's clear the Oakland Police were trying to form a case against Your Black Muslim Bakery. To date, Bey has not been charged and the only person who has been is Devondre Brousard .

Paul Cobb Says Chauncey Bailey Was "Stalked And Targeted"

I quite literally stumbled over this video just a few seconds ago before I viewed it, and was shocked. You've got to see it. It charges -- via the words of Oakland Post Publisher and long-time Oaklander Paul Cobb that in late 2007, The Oakland Police were less concerned with investigating the murder of Chancey Bailey, than "getting" Your Black Muslim Bakery. There are other comments by Cobb, who stated that "We know what happened to Chauncey. He was stalked and targeted." Cobb also informs that the organization Bailey was investigating at the time was not Your Black Muslim Bakery, but The Oakland Police. Here's the video:

Lillie Jue - Another Ex-Tenant Complaint Sent To Oakland Focus

Lillie Jue is the manager of The Jue Trust and owns several buildings in Oakland and the Bay Area. A petite elderly woman of Chinese American decent, "Mrs Jue" as she's called out of respect, is someone you're compelled to like because she' parental in her manner. But what many have discovered -- including me -- is that she's a landlord that has several rent board complaints against her and questionable practices. Mrs Jue has been the subject of a number of emails I've received over the years and especially since I moved out of my apartment on Van Buren Avenue, after a spirited battle I waged against her. And no, the emails were not solicited by me, but my people who read this blog. Here's one I just got that the person insisted I publish. My husband and I rented an apartment from Mrs. Jue in 2004 at 740 Oakland Avenue, Oakland. I should have backed out from the beginning, as she had it listed for $1025. The day we went for lease signing, it w

The Olympics, China & Me - William Wong For Oakland Focus

c The legendary longtime Oakland Tribune Columnist William Wong sent me this column presenting his unique take on the China Olympics. I'll be interviewing Bill, as he's called, today in video form on this subject. The Olympics, China & Me By William Wong Copyright, 2008, William Wong Now that the Beijing Olympics have begun (weren’t the opening ceremonies stunningly over-the-top?) who will I, a Chinese American, root for – American or Chinese athletes, and by extension, the United States or China? Simple question, complicated answer. I’ve loved sports most of my life and even wished at one point to play basketball for my (American) high school team. Alas, I am 26 inches shorter than Yao Ming, China’s superstar professional basketball player, and not nearly as skilled, so I long ago became an avid sports fan instead. I even started my journalism career as a sportswriter for my high school and college newspapers. The sports and athletes I know best are most

Harry Denton Lays Down On Filmore Street, Literally

Harry arrives at the Balboa Cafe From San Francisco Scene / SF Politics If you'd have told me that I'd end my evening into very early morning trying to convince the legendary Harry Denton not to lay down in the middle of the intersection of Filmore and Greenwich after what he admits was a drunken bender, I'd have said you were nuts. Well, you weren't. What I saw was the embodiment of Old San Francisco in action. Harry Denton's a throwback to the days of a bar called "Henry Africa" and Herb Caen and the Three Martini lunch, and Carol Doda. Denton is fun, San Francisco style. But what I now understand that to mean is a kind of ultimate freedom we don't see today. And when we do see it, we just don't know what to do. Ok. This is what happened. I decided to visit the Balboa Cafe in San Francisco, really because I'm used to the place and thought that the Olympics would be on television and I could watch the games with a crowd that may be ye

Catholic Charities' Crisis Response and Support Network (CRSN) Needs You

Catholic Charities' Crisis Response and Support Network (CRSN) is in urgent need of volunteers to serve as First Responder Crisis Counselors - providing compassionate support to the families and friends of homicide victims in Oakland. These volunteers are the heart and soul of their support system for homicide survivors. They respond to calls from the Oakland Police Department and CRSN First Responder Team Leaders and go the scene of homicides, hospitals and the homes of survivors to provide immediate support in the first hours following the traumatic death of a loved one. They are part of what we call a "ministry of presence" and are trained to provide information that helps families understand what is going in, but most of all they function as a compassionate friend offering practical support. First Responders are "on-call" during hours they identify but must be prepared to respond to a call-out and arrive at the designated location within 30-45 minutes. Volun

United Airlines at Denver Airport: Oakland Democrats Get Ready For Lines!

I love United Airlines and have flown them since I was two years old. But currently, United is faced with the same challenges that other carriers face. As the official airline of the DNC Convention, United is on the hook to perform well. The last time I was in Denver for the Invesco visit , there was an enormous customer service line unlike any I've seen before. In this video, I explain how you can avoid that problem. There are several steps: 1) Plan ahead and know what flights are coming in and out. 2) Come to Denver early, like the 23rd of August or the 22nd. 3) Take the Red-Eye. Avoid on-peak hour travel. 4) Get the United customer service number and save it. It's 1-800-864-8331 for domestic flights, and 1-800-426-5561 for Spanish language persons, 1-800-426-5560 for Asian speaking persons, and 1-800-323-0170 for persons who may be deaf or blind. There's no reason why your trip to the DNC Convention can't be a good one. Plan ahead. See you there.

Rocky Rische-Baird Mural Shown August 9th - Oakland Heritage Alliance And SKS Investments

I got this interesting release which I'll show below as it's chocked full of information. It's on an event to take place this Saturday at 11 in the morning at the old Key System building at 11th Street and Broadway in downtown Oakland. Here's the info: The Oakland Heritage Alliance along with SKS Investments are unveiling a new mural by artist Rocky Rische-Baird at the site of the historic Key System building in downtown Oakland to commemorate the innovative mass transit system that once served communities throughout the Bay Area. The 20-by-80-foot mural will be installed at the base of the former Key System building at 1100 Broadway. As part of the redevelopment of the 1100 Broadway site, SKS Investments will restore and preserve the facade of the neo-classical structure which will be integrated into a new 20-story tower that will provide 310,000-square-feet of Class A office space and 10,000-square-feet of ground-floor retail. Upon the start of construction at the s

Why Save a Thug From Jail? YouTuber and Oaklander "Sexysfy"

I happened upon this YouTube video where this Oakland-born, Texas resident wants to know why the African American community wants to save thugs from Jail. In the video, she talks about how YouTube can be used to "out" thugs and help police detectives. I think it's a good idea. Indeed, the Oakland Police falls off in it's use of the Internet for investigations. There's a lot that the department does not know; I wish they'd call me. But I digress. Watch this video:

John McCain Offers Wife For "Miss Buffalo Chip" Topless Beauty Contest

John McCain Offers Wife For " Miss Buffalo Chip " Topless Beauty Contest (No, that's not her) You're not going to believe this, but Senator John McCain, speaking at the annual biker convention the Sturgis Bike Rally said “I was looking at the Sturgis schedule and noticed that you have a beauty pageant and so I encouraged Cindy to compete,” McCain said to cheers from the (mostly male) crowd. “With a little luck, she could be on the only woman ever to serve as both the first lady and Miss Buffalo Chip.” You don't believe it? See this video; it's all there: What is so troubling is that this is the first time in my life, I've seen the role of first lady be reduced -- REDUCED -- to that of topless beauty model. That's what the Miss Buffalo Chip contest is about. It's an insult to anyone with a level head. It's an insult to the inititution of the President of The United States, and an insult to all American ideals. Senator McCain should appolog

DNC Convention Invesco Field Tour Video - On the morning of July 31st 2008, I boarded a United Airlines morning flight to Denver to attend the final (?) media walkthrough before the Democratic National Convention, this one at Invesco Field. Unlike my first media walkthrough trip, I ended up renting a Saturn SUV for ground travel. The reason was simple: it was cheap. Cheaper to rent than a Prius and because they were in low demand versus the economy cars. In a way it worked out to a savings of about $25. Invesco Field was only 20 minutes away from the airport, so it was a quick trip for me. I arrived at Invesco at 11:20 and ran into a DNCC employee (who I will not name by request) and who walked me around the stadium (we ended up on the field at one point) and eventually into the main briefing meeting. For security reasons I did not film the main meeting discussion, but focused more on the 'broadbrush" tour and interviews of key media people there. On the way to the main pre

More Oakland Crime - Second Officer-Related Shooting In Eight Days

I really get sick of posting this , but it's part of the current "deai" in Oakland: OAKLAND — A male was shot by an Oakland police officer at 9:55 p.m. Friday at 24th and Adeline streets in West Oakland. The victim was transported to a local hospital. His condition is unknown. Police are not releasing any information on the officer involved in the shooting. This the second officer-involved shooting in eight days and the eighth this year. Mack Woodfox, 27, was fatally shot by police after an attempted traffic stop July 25.

Baron Davis And TeamPlay Foundation Party in San Francisco

I attended the TeamPlay Foundation fundraising party held at Harry Denton's Starlight Room last Wednesday July 23, in San Francisco. The organization was founded by Erik Gunnar Counselman and Barron Davis, the latter the now-former star with the Golden State (Oakland) Warriors. The video presents Counselman's interview where he explains how the firm's trying to mate social networks and mentors and kids in need. The target region is East Oakland. Why have the event in San Francisco is a question for another time. But this event was to raise money for TeamPlay and present its new technology to the audience. For his part, Baron Davis, now with the Los Angeles Clippers, said that regardless of where he goes in the NBA, this -- the Bay Area -- will always be his home. He expressed his commitment to making the company work well.

Zennie's Back From Denver and Invesco Field Tour and New DNC Protestor News

Ok. I'm back from Denver and Invesco Field and a great tour and also meetup and walkthrough with Oreo of the great blog Lots of news to report, which I will do in a separate blog. But some teasing. I learned that the total convention schedule is not finalized and that the media's premature in what it's reporting -- not that the Hillary Clinton speak date is wrong -- there's more to come. Invesco Field itself is a huge and well-equipped facility that makes me wish Oakland would wake up and rebuild the Oakland / Alameda County Coliseum. It has miles of storage space, wide cooridors, and a new smell -- still. I also learned that protest groups have filed suit to be closer to the convention than they are. But as you will see in my upcoming video from my trip, they're pretty close already!! I also discovered that the best Spinach Salad's at Brooklyn's bar and grill next to Pepsi Center, and that the facility will become " The Pol