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Oakland City Council District Two - More Contrasts In Blog Posts

I could not help but post these two blogs I found concerning volunteers for Aimee Alison and Pat Kernighan. One post from an Allison supporter reflects on Kernighan living in the hills and being a kind of upper crust, white candidate , which really is Pat's right "to be."

In other words, I don't care that she is -- more power to her. What I care about are attempts to have a diverse friendship grouping. That's my onlly issue with Pat, but by normal American standards, she's ahead.

But this is Oakland, where one has to meet a higher standard, thank God.

The other reports on the bloggers neighborhood walk with Kernighan and has a photo of her with supporters, all in this photo are not white -- except for Pat and one other person -- they're Asian. But some contend the District Two race will be won with the Asian vote. Still, it's very disappoiting to see no Blacks or Latinos, or anyone else of color. Asians and whites have historically mixed well in the Bay Area, so this photo to me is not reflective of true diversity. Again John Russo was much better at this -- well, still is.

But if you take a look at this photo of Aimee's supporters, you see a really true representation of Oakland's diversity. Nice. Real nice.

The blogger -- NovoMetro (why don't these people use their real names!) -- also asked Kernighan serveral questions, which got interesting responses:

Kernighan: I think it's going to be interesting. I'm pretty excited to have someone who is going to be more present and engaged.

NovoMetro: What do you think is the cause of Oakland's crime spike this year?

Kernighan: I don't think anyone really has the answer to that. It’s kids hitting a certain age. There's also a new drug. I don't know the street name, but it makes the (users) crazy.

NovoMetro: What about negotiations with the police officer’s union that would change the hours police officers work?

Kernighan: I think the council is going to be tough on (the police union). Somehow the message needs to get to get to (the union) that people are not supportive of what they are asking for.

Walking down East 27th Street towards 14th Avenue, Ms. Kernighan points to a pothole and says Oakland’s roads are a disaster. (This was before a study was released, which found that they are indeed among the worst in the state.) "The streets are always what we don’t do," she says.

Well, it's nice to see that Pat admits Jerry Brown was not engaged and present. If he were, Pat would not have said that. She also sent a warning to the police officers union.


What's more interesting is how the usual white suspects whine and cry about how much space NovoMetro gave to Kernighan versus Aimee Allison. Man, these folks really do hate black candidates, don't they.

Welcome to the new face of hate in Oakland. There was a better day...
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