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People We Don't Know Doing Nutty Things In Adams Point

This information came from our Yahoo! Message Board and it's well worth reporting. It seems that there's a lot of criminal or just plain annoying activity of late, and to counter all the fun things to do around here.

This came from concerned residents. All of these incidents occured last Friday:

1) Last night at 4 a.m., at the corner of Bellevue and Van Buren, the black Acura-styled 2-door that was in
the neighborhood a couple of weeks ago returned to again spin numerous doughnuts in the intersection. It
has no license plate on back, and there are large white numerals on the right-front windshield. I'm pretty sure the numbers are "211." We called the non-emergency line, where someone picked up right away.

When that car was last identified here in Adams Point, it seemed to match the description of a car that had been seen elsewhere in conjunction with other crimes. And even if it's not the same car, it's been through our area at least twice now, bringing its own little sideshow. Haven't been able to ID the drivers; the car might have blackout windows.

2) On Thursday night/early Friday at 4:30 a.m., a car was broken into on Bellevue, just below Van Buren. A
couple of neighbors witnessed various stages of the crime and called 911. The police came quickly, and an individual was apprehended, though there seemed to be several people involved in the incident.

been told by three individuals of three events that happened last friday night.

1) Assault on Van Buren: woman coming home late at night was almost to the door of the apartment (btwn Staten and Perkins) when someone grabbed her and dragged her into the bushes. She was visiting her father and we'll share more info as it comes available. The police came to the scene.

2)Burglery attempt on Bellevue: A man (description to follow) tried to pry open the window of the bedroom of an apartment building, the couple screamed and yelled to scare off the intruder. The intruder was on a balcony and tried to open a door ( I don't know how he escaped) The police came to the scene.

3) Four vehicles in parking garage on Bellevue were broken into, this is a secure and locked garage.

Let us stay aware and remind your neighbors to keep an eye out.
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