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Summary Of "NCPC 14X" Meeting On Crime In Adams Point

This, again, is from the NCPC 14 X Yahoo! Group.

Hello Everyone,

Below is a summary of Monday's 14X NCPC meeting, for folks who were unable to attend.
Those who were present at the Veterans Memorial on Monday know what a huge crowd we
had, with over 100 people gathered! The meeting was longer than usual, so forgive the
lengthy summary; a lot of ground was covered. And thanks to everyone who attended;
we're really moving forward with forming a cohesive Adams Point network.

1) Introductions:

Our new Neighborhood Services coordinator [NSC], Hoang Bahn, introduced herself and
invited first-time attendees to do the same. New faces included both long-time residents and recent arrivals to Adams Point asking "What can we do to make our neighborhood safer?" Hot-topic issues included robbery, break-ins, loitering, car theft, Golden Bear/ Round Table Pizza noise and traffic safety, Casual Carpool problems, and the Whistle Stop program.

NCPC Board Chair Conor Hickey emphasized the formation of Neighborhood Watch groups
throughout 14X as our top priority, and the importance of reporting crime and suspicious activity whenever we see it.

2) Community Policing Report:

Our Problem Solving Officer [PSO], Jill Encinias, reviewed the crime on most people's
minds, the abduction/rape of a woman on Lenox last week. As of the Monday meeting, a
suspect in that crime was in custody, but as the investigation is in progress, further details are not being released. However, the tone of the report was hopeful. Officer Encinias also described a "saturation" of officers on Grand in the aftermath of the Bangkok Palace shooting, including the Crime Reduction Team, who are often unseen, though present, and will be more visible as they ramp up in future.

• Stat Review for April: Armed Robbery=6 [was 3 in March]; Strongarm Robbery=3 [up
from 1]; Auto Theft=7 [6 in March]; Auto Burglaries=7 [up from 1]; Residential Burglary=5
[same as March]; Homicide and Felony Assault=Both 0

• OPD officers are primarily focused on violent crime and robbery at this time.

• Emphasis on reporting all crimes; if we don't call them in, the stats don't change.

• Officers feel many of the criminals targeting our neighborhood are not organized,
describing them as "rat packs" of youth, picking their targets and running.

• Officer Encinias suggested the possibility of holding another Safety Fair.

• Also present were 14X Beat Officer Davis and his supervisor, who addressed residents' palpable frustration at the shortage of police.

3) Community Organizing Report by Hoang Bahn:

• Review of process for starting Neighborhood Watch.
• Revitalization of the Grand Ave Business Association and the Lakeshore Merchant
Association in progress.
• Whistle Stop program underway. The NCPC group in attendance agreed to use $270 of
the NCPC budget for whistles.
• Suggestions made for nighttime community activities.

4) Neighborhood Watch - Block Captain Briefing by Ladi Hong Markham:

• Reviewed success of newly formed Bellevue Neighborhood Watch Group
• Need for volunteers as block captain
• Goal is to have all of Adams Point covered by Neighborhood Watch.
• Hoang Bahn also emphasized yard sales, CORE, and other non-crime community
activities that can be organized through NW block groups.
• Looking for volunteers to help with monthly NCPC flyering.
• To help with occasional flyering, or for more information about becoming a NW block
captain, contact Ladi at: lhongmarkham@yahoo.com.

5) Walking Groups for 14X:

A sign-up sheet was passed for those interested in evening walking groups
• Flashlights are available for the NCPC for evening walks
• If interested, contact Conor Hickey at: CHickey905@aol.com

6) Vote on Beat 14X Priorities [Beat to designate 3 priorities for the month]:

• Double the number of NW block captains
• Get whistles to Yahoo list/NCPC group
• Neighborhood walks in the evening ["take back the neighborhood"]

7) Vote on OPD Traffic Enforcement Priority [One per month]:

• Double-parking/drivers at Round Table Pizza [Staten and Perkins]

Note: Residents with concerns about Casual Carpool safety should contact Hoang Bahn.
Hoang can be reached at hbanh@oaklandnet.com or 238-6566.

Wrap-Up: Apart from more serious concerns about increasing crime in Adams
Point, there was wide agreement about beginning positive neighborly interaction: meeting one another and arranging block parties, potlucks, walking groups, and other social events not solely related to crime-fighting. So let's all go out and meet a few people, say hello, go for walks together, and take our neighborhood back.

The next NCPC meeting: Monday, June 12.

Mary Kalin-Casey
Secretary, Beat 14X
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