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"Easy" - A Reponse To My Post From An Adams Point Neighbor

I wrote about a race-based problem I experienced at a new establishment called "Easy." My post spawned this reponse from a neighbor in Adams Point who asked not to be identified for this post.


I saw your blog article. I grew up in the lakeshore area and still live there. I drove by the place the other day and was suprised to see that the 5th amendment had closed and sort of excited to see the easy sign. I dreaded what I saw the other night when I drove by (9 pm, weeknight) there were tons of white waspy youngish, looking folks that definitely don't look like the normal folks of the neighborhood.

Don't get me wrong...It wasn't' that they were all white is what scared me, it jsut looked sort of exclusive to them but maybe...it definitely had a bad vibe so when I saw your headline I was like "oh great!!, I was right" I am not surprised.

But trust me I am going tell all my friends and family about your experience. As I don't put up with that ____ for one minute. I am a white girl and my children are mixed, my son is now 10 years old and the older he gets the more racism BS I see go down even with my child. I have seem and experienced the racism and different treatment when I am with a black man at business, etc.

I just recently have boycotted Hunan Village on Grand after 25 years of business there, (and my family) due to a waitress's announcing the denomination of a bill ($20) when my friend that I was dining with for lunch paid, As the waitress took the little plate w/ the tab and money she announced it, (as if he would say :Oh I gave you a fifty when she came back w/ change)you know damn well I jacked her up asking her why that was, I pointed out that she had not announced the denomination of anyone else's bill that she took, etc.

Anyways, she did not know me, I called the owners (who kow me and my whole family) and told them, but unless they fire her, they will not see me or my family in that place, (I felt that their lack of response was really poor) Likewise I was in a small stationary store with another black man and when I went to pay I realized that I needed to write a check, (had done so many many times when I was solo) the woman asked me if I had a credit card or debit card, well I jacked her up again. I asked her if there was a reason that she asked me that when I told her that I wanted to pay w/ a check, I asked her do you accept checks?

She nervously said Yes.

I aksed her then why are you asking me to pay with a debit card? To me since I am white I can see how the treatment is different when I am in the company of a black man or for that matter my black children. Anyways, thanks for your article and keep calling people on this ___, ...cause people need to know!

An Adams Point neighbor!
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