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200 Wayne Avenue Hosts "Take Back the Night" Rally On Feb 25th

From the Neighborhood Message Board...

Dear PSA 3: I am the 200 Wayne Avenue Neighborhood Watch Block Club Captain. We will host a "Take Back the Night--Turn on the Lights!" Action at the completely unlit (no lights) Pine Knoll Park, on the corner of Wayne Avenue, Hanover and Lakeshore, on Sunday, Feb. 25th at 8 PM.

The purpose of this Action is to:

1. Get the City of Oakland to add lighting to the light-less Pine Knoll Park, which serves as a breeding ground for prostitution, gang activity, drug deals and homeless campouts. Can we "adopt" this park in order to get funding for lighting? We also need two more lights on our dark 200 Wayne Avenue block, which has been riddled with robberies. Can we "Adopt" this park? Who can assist us in this process?

We have had dozens of muggings in the last two years, in the Athol/Wayne area that we KNOW of and probably dozens more that went unreported. I think that a group of perps wait and watch for theatre-goers and/or shoppers, laden with bags in arms, to turn the corner from the Merritt Bakery to Athol, and from there, they become "easy pickins" The poorly-lit parking lots of the church on Athol is a particularly inviting place for thieves to lay in wait.

2. Encourage all residents to buy and use Maglites (the long, heavy flashlights) to light their way while entering and leaving their garages, vehicles and residences at night. (They are good for daytime use as well. I like to walk softly and carry my big stick.)

3. To shine a light on the lack of awareness that fighting evil-doers is NOT the sole responsibility of police and other City
employees. It is OUR responsiblity as residents to do what we can, including protecting our property, bodies (through self-defense training) and our lives by heightening our awareness, being sensitive to our surroundings and doing what we can to work with police and city officials by reporting crimes in a timely and thorough manner, so that they can best assist us.
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