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Lake Merritt, Oakland - A Mugging On Wayne Ave., A Truck Broken Into In China Hill

This area continues to be plagued by night-time crime. While District Two and District Three councilmembers plan a town hall meeting on high rises around the Lake, people are planning to hold up, mug, rape, and in some cases murder other residents around the Lake. This is ridiculous.

To me, the answer is simply for people to be nosy. To get to know each other. To ask questions. To be watchful. I mean look at the chatter from the Yahoo! Message Board:

I am just amazed by all of the stories...it is never ending. Lighting will help, driving around and surveying your area will help, but ultimately they have the power and are our own breed of terrorists - people's livelihoods are being ruined. Have there been any arrests ever? I never hear of any!

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A man who lives in the 300 block of Wayne was mugged at gunpoint. He had
been sitting in his truck, finishing listening to a radio program. The
muggers were 2, he thinks, young, Black guys. This occurred at 6:15 in the
evening in an underlite driveway.
If the police are not helping, we need to help each other. Bright lightning
will be very helpful. Keep alert.
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> I live in China Hill on Athol near MacArthur.. My friend was visiting me
>and he had his truck broken into and numerous work tools were stolen (power
>drill, sander, etc.) Two weeks ago he had his car broken into. He said
>that he does not want to come to Oakland anymore. So, I guess the crime in
>Oakland is now affecting my social life.
> In the recent past I had my home broken into and another friend of mine
>got held up at gun point outside my home. What is one to do...get a gun
>and start protecting ourselves??? ??This used to be such a great
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