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Woman Mugged On Perkins By Two Women - Who Use Credit Card To Pay Utility Bill

This came from the Yahoo! Message Board for the Adams Point area. The note below was posted by a concerned citizen. What hurts so much about this is that the woman who was assaulted is undoubtedly tramatized by all of this.

"My apologies to my Adams Point neighbors. I heard about the alleged second mugging late Monday night and was given to understand that it happened in front of my building to a resident's daughter. Tonight I was able to talk to the resident and it turns out that her daughter was the victim of the mugging on Perkins and Palm last Thursday around 8pm.

Her daughter was visiting from Europe and has already returned there. The muggers took her credit cards and were able to pay a couple of utility bills (not too smart) before the cards were stopped. She is doing fine physically. Her mother is going to check to see if her daughter's social security card was in the wallet that was stolen. I sincerely hope not.

The way the assault was pulled off was one of the muggers distracted her by pulling on her shopping bag and then quickly the other one hit her on the head from the other side.

Just a few reminders or suggestions:

Don't walk with headphones on, especially at night. You won't be able to hear people approaching.

Don't keep keys, wallet, cell phone and other necessities in one place like a purse or backpack. Pants or jacket pockets can be used to store things. Muggers are looking for a quick grab especially if they are not using lethal weapons.

If you recognize someone from the neighborhood who takes the same bus as you, ask if you can walk along with them on your way home.

Yell for help. A lot of us want to be good neighbors and will call the police and/or come to your assistance in other ways."
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