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Bay Area Leaders Trash Kenneth Eng Of Asian Week, but Let Asian Week Off The Hook

In its February 26th edition, Asian Week ran a column by writer Kenneth Eng called "Why I Hate Blacks." The hate work -- it can't be called anything other than that -- has been denounced by Bay Area Political Leaders. But whiile this happens, Asian Week has gotten off scot-free.

Just Google "Kenneth Eng and Asian Week" and you'll find a collection of "hate columns" he's posted that comes off almost as a firing squad of work against Whites and Blacks. It's not just that Kenneth Eng writes this, but Asian Week give him a forum to express his hate. Of course, his behavior doesn't speak for every Asian person. But it must be reported here that Oakland tenant lawyers have told me more than once that Asian landlords do discriminate against Blacks. And in my legal battles with my now-ex landlord Lillie Jue, her own apartment manager wrote a email to me explaning that she didn't not want more Blacks in her apartment complex and was racially screening applicants.

I'm serious.

Fortunately for me, her's was an isolated example of "Kenneth Eng style" racism and an Oakland Rent Board agreement we signed prevents either one of us from taking the other to court again. But it was a terrible experence, where she'd say "you're just like the rest of them" and so on. Kenneth Eng did expose something seldom talked about, and with the exception of my landlord example, largely unexperienced by me.

Still, I do think of the time on Sunday where I walked over to a BART train entry mat at 19th Street BART and stood next to a young Asian woman, who decided to walk away from me and to the next mat for no reason. Episodes like that do happen, and makes one wonder if we're in some kind of racial minefield, where regardless of ethnicity we have some people who hate sitting next to those who promote diversity. A true culture war where racist people -- possessing a true mental illness -- walk amoung those of us who aren't racist at all.

Given that Asian Week has published more than one "hate speak" article by Kenneth Eng, they must be held to blame for his actions as they're the publishers of his work. I wonder what the editorial meetings were like?

Kenneth Eng:" I want to write about how much I hate Blacks and Whites."
Asian Week: " Well, we agree with you Kenneth, but if this gets out we'll have to throw you under the bus. But don't worry. You'll still have a job."
Kenneth Eng: "Sweet! I'll get to work."

Notice that Kenneth Eng is still employed by Asian Week.
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