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Pastino's Pasta & Pizza Gets Panned - "Worst Pasta I've Had in My Entire Life."

Wow. I've never personally been to Pastino's Pasta & Pizza, but I ran accross a blog where the writer said the restaurant on 4207 Park Blvd in Oakland, had "the worst pasta I've had in my entire life" in his words.

He goes on...

Bad pasta
The pasta that I had tonight at Pastino's in Oakland
was the worst pasta I've had in my entire life.

I am an old man. I have lived 300 years.
In all my 300 years, I've never even heard of pasta this bad.
And make no mistake -- I've heard of pasta that was bad.

For about 60 of those years I lived in Bangladesh where I was a reporter
at a local paper and -- I kid you not -- my "beat" was bad pasta places
and the pasta they made. Most of which wasn't
very good.

That was a difficult period in my life.

So here I am, all these years later thinking, "I'm a guy who's eaten a lot of bad pasta."

But as it turns out, those thin, flappy, granular strands of my discontent
were just appetizers. The first course in an extended meal
at the heart of which, I now discover, sits
tonight's fettucini bolognese.

Not good.

I'm about to go to sleep, and all I can think about
is the fact that some small part of this pasta will probably go on to become
my toe skin, or a ligament. A crumbly eyelash.

I have been cheapened by this pasta. I do not recommend you go to

But as funny as it is to read, it's not funny when one sees all of the bad reviews it's gotten all over the web! Yikes! They'd better fix this and fast.
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