Amanda Stokes Missing In Oakland - Worked at Cafe De Bartolo on Grand Av

Amanda Stokes, a 33-year-old blonde white female at 5 foot 4 inches is missing and has been since Sunday, November 25th. According to a flyer that's posted at Oakland's Cafe De Bartolo on Grand Avenue, her car was found at 5000 Park Blvd -- a Black 2001 Honda Accord -- across from the Lutheran Church.

If you recognize the photo and live in the Adams Point / China Hill area, it's because she worked at Cafe De Bartolo.

If you have any information, please call 404-931-7044.

Here are other photos of Amanda with friends.


denmark786 said…
Mandy's brother was highlighted by the Oakland Homicide squad as prime suspect because of acts such as not letting them search the apartment, not providing a true account of their argument prior to her diss appearance and being caught on camera on the day and day after she went missing, withdrawing cash from the ATM with her card, followed by $7k of forged cheques, under normal circumstances this does appear suspicious but Id truly give Arron benefit of doubt being a drug addict, living that life unfortunately goes hand in hand with being a prime suspect in any case - I just hope that he really could not do any harm to his own sister - Peace to the Stokes family