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You Are Getting Sleepy...

I must admit, when I talked to the hypnotist on the phone, I was rather skeptical; however,after reading The Secret and trying to visualize a more positive life, I threw caution to the wind and decided to make an appointment to be hypnotized into not smoking.
The hypnotist made sense. Habits were stored in the unconscious mind, which had been fighting with the conscious mind for supremacy of my body for over half of my life.
It all started with my delinquent high school boyfriend, who used to cut school with his friends under the bridge and smoke Marlboro reds. Their impending expulsion made them even cooler in my eyes. This was my chance to rebel; for the straight A, good girl to shock the bad boys by taking a puff. That initial puff lasted for 18 years, coming back with greater force every time I tried to quit and push it away.
Hypnosis directly addresses the habit-holding unconscious part of your brain, and uses vivid visualizing techniques to turn those neural pathways around. Now, the mere thought of a cigarette brings to mind an oozing bowl filled with excess stomach acid and black, sticky tar.
There are no frustrating withdrawal symptoms, no excessive weight gain or feelings of rage and /or panic. All of a sudden, you walk out of the office a nonsmoker.
Hypnosis does not consist of swinging watch chains or spiral, unfocused eyes like you see on cartoons. It is a conscious, relaxing process that uses your mind's eye to visualize the benefits of being a nonsmoker, and its results are real and long lasting. I encourage everyone who is tired of the guilt and frustration associated with their smoking to give the Nonsmoking Center a call. They are located on Keith in Oakland, right across from Rockridge BART. 888-287-7780. Give your real self a chance to LIVE!
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