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Sean Sullivan Leads With 73 Percent In Oakland Focus Poll

Ok, this is a totally non-scientific poll that one finds on a blog like this one, and I will explain how I think it's not accurate, but it currently reports that of those who voted while visiting this blog, 73 percent selected Sean Sullivan to be the next Oakland City Council District Three Representative.

Now the reason I don't think the poll is accurate and why I think the vote will be much closer than this is that first, many people who vote in District Three don't have blogs or in some cases a computer. Second, and because of the first reason, there are those who will just go and vote for the incumbent because they're too busy to learn of the positions of the candidates. Third, and this is a negative for Council Nadel, I think there's a wave of concern that not much is happening in District Three.

Personally, I disagree with that take, but it's expressed by not a few people.

I think another reason is that Greg and Sean are strong candidates -- both are active in the community and young at a time when it seems we have a nice wave of young people who are involved in Oakland politics in some way.

As to who I support, I have to admit to an indecision simply because there's a part of me that believes Nancy has not done a bad job and does understand the city. Yes, she can be a bit sensitive at times, but I've witnessed her lighten up over the years quite a bit. So she's ok with me.

But there are those who simply hold matters against her, like the Dog Park. Nadel's on record as thinking such a development is too costly, and has upset more than one person with her take on this.

Then there's Dow Patten, who filed a lawsuit against Nadel charging ethics violations because she asked for campaign contributions over the legal limit on her website. A staffer error to be sure, but in an election campaign, the smallest errors become large and larger.

Then Greg Hodge says that Nadel challenged his ability to run for City Council in court, in other words, she moved to keep him off the ballot. That's bad to say the least. It also means that Nadel's scared of Hodge. What does that tell you? It tells me he can win.

Then, of course, there's the brazen crime that's plagued the district, like this Asian male below, who robbed the Jack London Mail Center in March:

But on the other hand, I think Greg Hodge would be a breath of fresh air and give much needed attention to education, crime and family concerns because he's a young father plus, he knows the political ropes as a member of the Oakland School Board. Sean is not a father, but has worked at terrific non-profit organization Covenant House where he's helped homeless youth get a new start.

So when I wrote this, I had not made up my mind. But after some thought, and even though Aimee Allison's not made up her mind either, I'm going to tip my hat ...


But I've made up my mind.

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