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Vote For Patrick McCullough - Oakland Hero For City Council District One

Patrick McCullough is an Oakland hero. In 2005, he stood up to attack by drug dealers -- a gang that he reported to Oakland police, but who were still at large at the time. In defending himself against the gang, Pat shot and wounded one of the gang members. Mr. McCullough was found to have been acting to defend himself, and thus the D.A. did not press charges.

Pat is one who was and is trying to take back his neighborhood. The ultimate action is the one he's taking today: running for Oakland City Council. This blog post in an endorsement of an Oaklander who can and has made a difference. It's not a matter of being against the incumbent Jane Brunner, but for a remarkable and remarkably brave person in Pat McCullough. A person with a resolve and will to stay in Oakland and help make it better.

Oakland Residents For Peaceful Neighborhoods tells McCullough's story:

Patrick McCullough: Triumph of a Hero

Patrick McCullough, the north Oakland resident who stood up to street thugs, has triumphed.
The thugs were used to loitering on his front yard. In a confrontation on Feb. 18, 2005, one of them reached for a gun. Navy vet McCullough, drawing the handgun he had taken to carrying for protection, shot in self-defense, hitting the thug in the arm.

Patrick McCullough enjoys his neighborhood. Photo: Paul Chinn, SF Chronicle
A year later, the attacking thug and his family have moved out of Oakland. The street is safe enough for McCullough and his neighbors to walk peacefully. Neighbors filed suit in small claims court against the owner of a drug house and won a $45,000 judgment. The owner sold the house and moved. Another house owner stopped dealers from using her property because neighbors were ready to take similar court action. Bushrod Park has been reclaimed for children and families, ousting the drug dealers. As a resident of the block for thirty years said, "Patrick McCullough is the best thing that ever happened for this block."

Here are several videos which present Pat McCullough. Please give some time to get to know Pat via seeing them and visiting his website, and in person at his campaign office. Here's Patrick McCullough:

Before the League of Women Voters:

Here's the list of people who endorse Pat McCullough:

The Patrick McCullough for City Council campaign thanks the following people for their endorsements (partial list):

Larry Benson
George Bianchi
Carol Bieri
Robert Brokl
Rino Carrasco
Bert Carter, Jr.
John Chard
Julia Clements
Carter Clements, M.D.
(Alameda County Medical Center - Highland Emergency)
Alfred Crofts
Kai Drekmeier
Sarah Drekmeier
Kevin Dwyer
Michael Eisenberg
Jim Heldman
Bradley A. Jones
Cullen Jowitt
Ken Jowitt
Rebecca Jowitt
Bill Kaufner
Retired administrator, Claremont Middle School
Ingrid M. Kollman
Marca Lamore
Benjamin Lepow
Norman Macleod, Esq.
Deborah Mikuteit
Kathleen Mullesch
Tom Murphy
Patricia Nicholson Yarbrough
Svea O'Banion
Ciaran OMaonaigh
Ken Ott
Charles Pine
Leonard Raphael
Ishmael Reed
Poet, author, U.C. Berkeley Professor Emeritus
Nicole Reyes
Larry Rice
Joseph A. Scherer
Kurt Scherer
Nancy Servin
Milton B. Simpkins
Bonney Smith
John Smith
V Smoothe/Echa Schneider
Editor and publisher, abetteroakland.com
Janet Somers, Ph.D.
Joe Spallone
John Wagers
Former member, Oakland Street Tree Policy Task Force
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