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Nancy Nadel Retains District Three Council Seat

Oakland District Three Councilmember Nancy Nadel retained her seat and assured that there would be no November runoff election, as she captured over 50 percent of the vote. Here are the totals, below:

Contest # of Votes % of Total

Nancy Nadel 3576 51.65
Sean Sullivan 1873 27.05
Gregory Hodge 1435 20.73
Write-in 40 0.58

As I wrote earlier, the low voter turnout favored incumbents like Nadel. As this study by the Institute of Research On Public Policy shows, areas that have high income, university-educated people, and where the unemployment is higher and the immigrant populations are largr, it can be argued that Oakland, even in Adams Point, has it's share of problems that caused this low turnout.

Also, the challenging candidates didn't do enough to tell their stories to people around them, like me. And they didn't have Nancy's track record of doing "nuts and bolts" constituent work. For example, I backed Nancy and for three reasons: first, others I talked to said that when they called her for help with City-related matters, she delivered. Period.

Second, Nancy bothered to take the time to personally call me and ask for my backing. That was a first for this blog and blogger. I never got a call from either Greg Hodge and Sean Sullivan at all.

Third, Nancy has mellowed with age. Once known for her prickly behavior, Councilmenber Nadel seems more grounded and settled. She's displaying a new perspective, and others like me and friends have notice -- she cares on a personal level and it shows. So it seemed logical to me to back a person who was the incumbent but happened to have a "new" approach after decades of the same-ol-same-ol. This new Nancy understands how to reach out to people, and that's what she did. Good for her.

By contrast, Sean Sullivan, who was the Internet favorite, all but gave me the cold shoulder at his post-election gathering at the Washington Inn. I was there because a good friend of mine insisted I come, but in retrospect, I'm glad I attended. But not because of Sullivan's approach. When I went to shake Sean's hand, he did so, but then took his hand away abruptly and turned away from me.

Hey, Sean, the endorsement of Nadel was nothing personal against you. I'm also sure that Greg Hodge would not have gave the same "You ate my food" reaction to me. This may seem small because that's what it is. But to an elected official seeking publicity, bloggers can be your worst enemy or your best friend. We're the gate-keepers for many who don't have time to "find out for themselves."

I wish Sean and Greg the best and hope they keep fighting the good fight and help Councilmember Nadel.
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