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Athol Ave Near Parkway Theater Has Rash of Burglaries

It seems that Athol avenue is experiencing a new rash of robberies and break-ins. It's caused a new buzz with people online.

This was from the Yahoo Message Board:

Greetings Neighbors:

My neighbor on the 400 block of Athol was also burglarized on Friday, maybe early afternoon. Similar M.O. They got TVs and laptops. They even left my neighbor's big flat panel TV on the street (their truck was probably already too full of other stuff). This was very upsetting, since they are only two houses away, and either I and/or my assistant were working on the house (the neighbors house is just out of sight).

In hindsight, I think I might have seen these guys. I did give them a second look, since they were unfamiliar and driving unusually slowly. I watched but then they disappeared around the corner. So that is very frustrating. I feel very stupid for not taking more action.

Here's what I remember of their description (please note, this is a fuzzy recollection based on a very brief view): it was a mid-size SUV, good shape, gray and white, square-angled "modern" design (like a Honda Element). appeared to be two men. One appeared to be a heavy set Hispanic, with a beard. Did not get a good look at driver. No license plate #.

Also, I believe these new rash of burglaries are more likely on Thursday or Friday, since from what I understand, much of this stuff is fenced at various swap meets, which happen Saturdays. The crooks don't want to be holding the merchandise very long, so they wait until the end of the week.

Take care,


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