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Is Sarah Palin Stabbing John McCain In The Back?

After much study, I've come to the conclusion, which I present in this video:

..that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is stabbing Senator John McCain in the back. Often, Palin has approved of views that were taken by Senator Barack Obama, causing McCain to rein her in with a press statement that makes the campaign look like a keystone cops routine. 

 Consider how Palin has went against McCain in these following examples.  

1) Pakistan - Palin favored the Obama-Biden assertion of going into that country to "get" a known terrorist even if that government would not cooperate. 

2) Bankruptcy - Palin favors the Obama-Biden approach of allowing the homeowner to be protected against losing their dwelling after filing for Bankruptcy.  

3) Korea - Palin agrees with the current action of the U.S. dropping Korea from the state terrorist list, even as McCain opposes this.  Obama also backs the Bush Administration action.

4) Palin Administration - Governor Palin has referred to the McCain - Palin ticket as the Palin - McCain Administration.    

The evidence for my assertion rests in Palin's past.  In the way she treated Alaska GOP boss Randy Ruedrich when both were on the powerful Alaska Oil and Gas Commission.  While both Palin and Ruedrich received campaign assistance and in Palin's case had ties with Evergreen Resources, which was seeking a drilling contract and needed the commission's approval, Palin implicated Ruedrich, causing him to resign from the commission.  But the act elevated her status and some contend that it powered her successful run for Alaska Governor.   
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