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Derwin Longmire Said To Be "Good, Upstanding Police Investigator", But What Is Role In Chauncey Bailey Case?

In the matter of determining just really who murdered Chauncey Bailey last year and why, I just talked with another source who personally was upset that Sargent Derwin Longmire was being accused of wrong doing.  "Longmire was interfering with the case of another investigator who was over the Yusuf Bey case (where Bey is the CEO of Your Black Muslim Bakery), and who was very upset with him because of his actions.  This other investigator told Longmire that it was not his case to be involved with" said my source, who talked on condition of anonyimity.   

The question is why did Longmire get involved with the Yusuf Bey case?  The Oakland Tribune reported that the persons involved would not talk with them.  But what they mean is they would not speak on the record.  

My source contends with vigor that Longmire "is a good, upstanding police investigator.  A good man".   The source says that the entire matter has been turned over to Oakland Police's Internal Affairs Division and that if I had any tips, I should inform them.  

I also talked to my source about the possibility tainted relationship between Bailey and now - California Attorney General Jerry Brown.  According to Oakland Post Publisher Paul Cobb, who was Bailey's last boss and who talked to me for my video interview , Attorney General Brown took files from Bailey when he was Mayor of Oakland and did not return them prior to Bailey's passing, although Cobb did not disclose what files were taken. My source just wondered why the matter was so complicated and what was really going on.

That's what we'd all like to know. 


As a follow-up, I would offer that the Chauncey Bailey Project should spend zero time applying for journalist awards even when this matter is resolved.  There's over 100 people listed on the website of the CPB, and with all of that "old media" firepower -- no blogs are listed -- all we have to show for it is this story and little else.  Then the CPB pats itself on the back with a job well done.   

But what peeves me is ths behavior of CBP staffers like Thomas Poole, who reacted weirdly and nastily when I sent an email of my interview with Paul Cobb.  I've never met Thomas Poole, and I told him that he needs to pick up the sprit of my friend Bailey, who would not be nasty with someone essentially helping him on the case. I don't think my words sank in; maybe this blog post would help.  

That's a joke.  The job's done when we know what happened and why.  
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