Mayor Dellums Lousy YouTube Channel - Dellums Needs New Media Training

I feel I'm more qualified than most to make this assertion: Mayor Ron Dellums YouTube page channel is a year late and lousy.  Why a year late?  Because I'm the person who told the Mayor's communications staff they needed a YouTube channel, among other things.  This came at a lunch I had last year with one of Dellums' communcations staffers who would regularly contact me.  

I had considered writing a proposal for my company to be their new media consultant, but then thought better of it when I realized I may be giving up this blog's ability to write what it pleased unless I contractually asked for it.  Then I also pondered that writing such a proposal may just give them basic answers for free.  So I pulled back.  

But over lunch, this YouTube page is one idea I said was basic.  But it's not enough to have one, and there's a lot of problems with the channel. For example the video on Dellums speaking at the Cathedral of Christ the Light has only 101 views in one month as of this writing.  Many of my videos get that -- or more -- in one day. The video's about to get a boost because it's here:

The other problem is that the effort, is...selfish. You can figure out what I mean yourself. Look, it's good that the Mayor finally gave his staff rhe go-ahead to do this, but I know I'm the catalyst for it. But now that they've done it, I have to explain this is one part of a more complex whole and they're not getting it. It's not "having" a channel that's the answer. It's what you do with it, and that's a riddle for them to solve.

Of course, my company's services are still available, but I must reserve the right to get on your guys butt via these blogs when necessary. The channel/s a start -- a lousy one -- but a start.