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Oakland Police Officer Art Michel Has Had "Run-In" With Jane Tyska of Oakland Tribune Before

Remember our blog post featuring a chilling video showing how Oakland Unified School District Police Chief Art Michel verbally abused and detained Oakland Tribune photographer Jane Tyska? To refresh, Chief Michel claims that Tyska hit his police cruiser with her camera, where Tyska says she did not and indeed, the video shows that she was making a video of a protest.

Michel used his claim to launch a verbally abusive tirade against Tyska, an event that he's reportedly very remorseful about.  

(If you've not seen the video, it's here:

Well, I just talked with a good friend of mine who will not be revealed, and who reports that this episode was not the first time Tyska has had a "run-in" -- as my friend put it -- with Art Michel. My source is not clear regarding the reasons for Michel's dislike for Tyska, but it's clear he's got something against her.

My source also personally has known Police Chief Michel for some time but has not talked to him in a while, and wondered if Michel had become "bitter and old" to use the description given to me. My friend expressed concern for Michel's emotional health and wondered if he was ok.

Again, I will not give up my source and my source says that he does not feel anything but concern for Michel and that Michel in the past had been a good person. My source implied that perhaps Michel may have been bothered by other matters not involving his work, but did not go into detail. He was, however, concerned with the reported "turn" Michel had taken and stressed that this was not the first time Michel and Tyska has a "run-in", although he did not explain what that was or exactly what happened.

Let's hope that -- in light of the conversation I just had -- Michel is able to keep his job and get the help and rest he would seem to need, according to my source.   The job of a police officer in Oakland is a stressful one -- more so than most -- but it takes a special person to be able to remain under control and Oakland needs officers to maintain that kind of approach.  

Perhaps Officer Michel can be that person.  Reportedly, at one point in his past, he was. 
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