Robert Bobb Donated To Hillary Clinton, Not Barack Obama (?!?)

This is listed under the file heading of "What was he thinking?"  I've learned using Huffington Post's "Fundrace" system that our own Robert Bobb, who's listed as a "consultant" with the adress P.O. Box 77556, Washington, D.C.,  gave $1,000 to Hillary Clinton's run for president, but nothing -- zip -- to Barack Obama!

That's disappointing to learn for this Obama backer and volunteer.

I got after Mayor Dellums for not backing now President-Elect Obama because doing so would send a message to young Black men in Oakland that he supports the future, but I would have guessed Mr. Bobb would have certainly backed Obama.   Now, that colors a lot of thoughts I had about Bobb and makes me reconsider past his actions when we were involved with The Super Bowl.

I crossed-checked the Robert Bobb listed in Chicago and who did give to Barack's campaign and he's a lawyer in the windy city.

But it says something not so good when older African Americans in some position of influnce fail to support young Black men like Obama.  Now, it's too late.  Mr. Bobb should be ashamed, in my view.   I can only hope that Huff Post record is wrong.  I hope so.  

Maybe Bobb should have taken a page from Oakland Developer Phil Tagami's book, and donated to several candidates : Clinton, Edwards, and Obama.