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Oakland's White Blogger Get-Together Not In The Sprit of Oakland

I have to write with more than the usual amusement regarding the postings I've seen on the recently-held "Oakland Blogger Get Together " because this blog you're reading is the only one that's updated daily, gets more traffic than the others, and doesn't ignore parts of Oakland, and has the only writer who actually worked in Oakland politics -- me.  

So, as they do, they formed their own meeting -- an entire "White's only" gathering.  That's sad.  Perhaps I'll host my own gathering, but it will be of a different kind to be sute.  First, racially mixed.  Second, reflective of those who are at the cutting edge of New Media in Oakland, and that's beyond the small group of bloggers that got together. 

As I said to Paul Cobb , there's a "White Blogger group" and true to form, these folks proved it.  And its not as if they don't know who I am; they do and could have invited me.  In fact, that's the problem: they recognize me in a room, but I've got no idea what those folks look like at all.  I'm serious.  That's what happens when you're on television and YouTube.  But more to the point, the first time I realized this was during the primary election at Sean Sullivan's party.  But I don't want to get off the track here.  

The old Oakland way is not apparent with them.  Of course, someone will say "We voted for Obama!" But that's not the point.  Many of them are new to Oakland and thus don't reflect the true soul of the city.   Diversity is not important to them -- being around people who look and think like they do is.   

Between the low number of African American bloggers, perhaps two and definitely this one, and the self-segregation practiced by the "Oakland White bloggers", it's a sad future for a great city.  
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