Students Successfully 'Kickin' Asthma' in Oakland Schools | MedHeadlines

- From the aricle: "Students Successfully 'Kickin' Asthma' in Oakland Schools | MedHeadlines: “The Oakland Unified School District educates 42,000 students, a good many of whom struggle with the energy-zapping symptoms of asthma.  Its urban location and high number of low-income students made the Oakland school district a prime destination to study the merits of an asthma awareness program developed to educate asthmatic children on their medical condition.  Researchers at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health & Society Scholars Program hoped the program would help children better manage their medical care in order to prevent absences from school and reduce the number of emergency room visits these children often face.

Almost 6.8 million US students (close to 10%) suffer from asthma, a chronic medical condition that jeopardizes a patient’s ability to breathe freely.  Asthmatic kids must often restrict physical activities, making play time not so much fun.  Breathing difficulties also keep them from school and require costly emergency medical care in many instances.  Asthma does much more than reining in childhood fun, though.  It kills.

Sheryl Magzamen, PhD, a foundation scholar working from the University of Wisconsin, writes in the December issue of the ‘Journal of School Health,’ that the ‘Kickin’ Asthma’ program has proven successful, providing children with better coping strategies that allow them to be in better control of their condition.”