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In a shocking turn of events, it was reported by KTVU that BART Officer Johannes Mehserle, who was the central focus as the cop who shot 22-year-old Oscar Grant in the back on New Year's Day morning, was arrested in Nevada.  

This is a dramatically fast development, since it was reported that Alameda County District Attorney Tom Orloff wasn't expect to take action until this Friday at the earliest and BART spokesperson Linton Johnson asked for everyone to let the process move forward.  

Here's my video report with more below:

Whatever the case, the incident has attracted every law enforcement official from California Attorney General Jerry Brown, to the Department of Justice on Monday.  

My bet is the investigative report BART Chief Gary Gee turned in to Orloff had something to do with this lightening fast action.  But also Officer Mehserle himself essentially wrote this ending when he refused to give a statement, "taking the fifth" regarding why he shot Oscar Grant in the back, then resigning from the police force , the shooting a sight captured by New Media, and rapidly spread around the World.  

This is Gary Gee:

I think BART Board Member Lynette Sweet owes BART Police Chief Gary Gee an apology and a medal. It seems it was his report that had a central role in the apprehension of Officer Mehserle, who separated himself from BART by resigning and thus making him a private citizen. 

My concern is what charge did Orloff bring? One of my viewers explained that in the case of a "louisiana guy who killed a Japanese kid" the person was charged with first-degree murder, but there was nothing to back that case, so he won and walked free. In this case, the video is powerful to be sure, but what will a jury do? Why? The charge should be something less than that given the circumstances, like manslaughter and not involuntary.

That remains to be seen.

More on this news as it develops.
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