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San Francisco Neo-Nazi Girl upsets Marina District

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Why does it seem like there's a rise in the number of white people who claim to be Nazi, or more accurately Neo-Nazi and young people regardless of color who don't know how awful Nazi symbols are or why?

The most famous example of the latter was the Taylor Swift Swastika photo scandal where Taylor Swift's representative claimed Taylor Swift did not know that A.J. English's t-shirt (English is the man who took the photo with Swift) had a Swastika symbol on it, and English himself said that people at the party just painted it that way!

Then there was the more recent photo of Jesse James wearing a Nazi Waffen SS hat, and giving the "Heil Hitler" salute. And of course, there was his alleged first mistress Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, who posed in a Nazi bikini and worked as a model for the "Angry White Boy" clothing website.

Whatever's going on, this disturbing trend has hit San Francisco.

Two of this blogger's best friends sent a Facebook note today, Thursday, about a woman who's reportedly on the corner of Chestnut and Pierce in the Marina District and who they describe as a "Nazi." One friend wrote:

If you see this crazy gal who thinks She can do Nazism in SF. Report her! She almost got beaten by ppl on the street....she has to live with Hitler and not in the US!

The other friend was even more upset, writing this:

unreal situation at chestnut and pierce SF. Woman with nazi lit and promoting obama impeachment. get a life outside US. almost got n fight!

According to the photos - I just learned about the Nazi chic this evening - she's connected with the Lyndon LaRouche effort. Lyndon LaRouche is a political activist who this blogger has always considered something of a nutcase who thinks he should be President of The United States.

Lyndon LaRouche is considered to be an anti-Semite, who in the past has made comments against Jewish faith and Jewish culture. LaRouche has also allegedly attacked efforts to expose and prosecute Nazi war criminals. So, Lyndon LaRouche has apparently become the intellectual foundation for the ideas of the "San Francisco Nazi Girl."

The San Francisco Neo-Nazi Girl can express her view and it's good to offer disagreement. But threatening her with violence is really not a good thing to do. I personally ask people to avoid such actions. If they can't calmly talk with her, just keep walking.

For those who want to talk to San Francisco Neo-Nazi Girl, just explain that the reason people are upset with her is that she's backing an idea that at its very heart is designed to hurt someone else just because they're different. The fear is that people who think like her may try to kill someone who's not like them. There's certainly enough evidence to back that claim.

But threatening to hurt San Francisco Neo-Nazi Girl is just not right.

Stay tuned.
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