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Angry, Violent, SF Luxor Cab Driver update - no Luxor apology

An update in the case of the Angry, Violent, SF Luxor Cab Driver who tried to physically remove this blogger from Luxor Cab #1046 License number CA 8L46060, a white Ford Crown Victoria.

The assault report was filed and San Francisco Transportation Authority staffers reported that it was sent to the San Francisco Taxi Cab Commission. As of this writing, there has not been a follow-up phone call, but the report was filed on Friday and today is Tuesday.

But given this blog series was first posted last Wednesday and it's six days later, and information to me explains that Luxor has seen the blog post, there has not been an apology from anyone representing Luxor Cab in San Francisco.

Meanwhile there has been a sudden development of comments from the same person using different YouTube accounts. Cool, but if this person represents Luxor Cab San Francisco, they're advocating against free speech rights (in this case, the right to say the cab driver's problem was he wanted a white passenger and not a black passenger), and that I should have been assaulted for expressing my point of view, which is what the Luxor cab driver tried to do.

This is a matter that I will press until change happens; it will not just go away and if that upsets someone reading this, too bad. There should be a California state law that says cab drivers can't remove passengers from cars without just cause and the presence, permission and assistance of a uniformed police officer. Any violation of the law will a felony resulting in the loss of license, drivers license suspension, jail time, and a fine to both the driver and the cab company of $10,000.

Some cab drivers are on total power trips, taking passengers on rides deliberately longer than necessary to gouge them, not wanting the passenger to have their say in how to get to a destination, or worse, like my experience here on video:

Enough is enough. No more of this.

Stay tuned.
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