Oakland Mayor's Race: THREE Forums, Same Time, One Night

Oakland Mayor Candidate Terrance Candell
The Oakland Mayor's Race gets crazier. In 90 minutes something is about to happen that's never went down in Oakland's history. At 6:30 PM, three Oakland Mayoral Forums will take place at the same time. One, the "first planned" one, is the infamous Oakland League Of Women Voters Forum that was going to have just two candidates, then opened it to all of them. The other, the "counter-forum" as this blogger calls it, is being produced by Terrance Candell.  The third is the "other candidates" forum at Calvin Simmons Theater at 10 Tenth St. The Oakland LWV Forum is being held at The Kaiser Center Auditorium at 300 Lakeside Drive; Terrance's one-man Q&A is being held at the Laney College Tower Forum. And the "other candidates" forum is at The Calvin Simmons Theater across from Laney College. All three start, as mentioned, at the same time. Dr. Candell's forum started in response to the idea that he was going to be excluded from the Oakland League Of Women Voters Forum. But last week, the LWV elected to open the debate to all of the candidates, partly because of intense pressure and also because had they not, only two candidates (at best) would have appeared. Overall, was it a smart move by Terrance? Maybe, but also he's not getting as much media out of it as he would if his name were Don Perata. Follow me at Twitter.com/zennie62