Bobby Petrino Jessica Dorrell University Of Arkansas Sex Scandal

Jessica Dorrell, an assistant with the University of Arkansas' Athletic Foundation since 2009, toiled in relative obscurity after a stellar college athletic career as a volleyball player at Kentucky, and was preparing for for her first marriage and to Arkansas Swimming and Diving Operations Director Mr. Josh Morgan on June 9, 2012 -- until Thursday April 5th, and after a weekend motorcycle ride with her new boss, Razorback's Head Coach Bobby Petrino that ended in a crash which left him hospitalized.

Yes, her brand new boss. Jessica was just hired as Student-Athlete Development Coordinator personally by Arkansas football head coach Bobby Petrino on March 28th, 2012. In other words just a few days ago, as reported by So she made a move from the foundation to report directly to Petrino himself, as his hand-picked aide.  

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