Megan Avalon Female Bodybuilder Webcam Fitness Model Featured Video

As of this writing, if you type "fbb" in YouTube, a selection of female bodybuilder videos is presented.  But there's one at the top that's the "featured video" - this one I made of my friend Megan Avalon in 2010. I'm proud to say that it's generated almost a half-million views over that time.  I think what's so popular about it is it's an up close look at fbb, and just as one might see her webcam style.

Also, this video, made in Oakland, captures Megan at her buff-est levels of development.  I have always felt that Megan was holding back on the development of her biceps, which are well-defined in this video at 15 inches.  Imagine if they would look like at 17 inches, and how they would accentuate her breasts, which already have been augmented.

Just saying.
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