Pete's Harbor's Paula Uccelli Harassed By PR Mercenary; Zennie Abraham To Rescue

Paula Uccelli, the 70-year-old now former owner of Pete's Harbor, was recently attacked and harassed both online and offline by someone claiming to represent the tenants of the 60-year-old facility. Now, after this blogger, Zennie Abraham, came to Ms. Uccelli's rescue, the people responsible for working to harm an elderly woman, and who don't live on Pete's Harbor, are digging up the old, false argument that this blogger works for Chevron.

What they fail to note is that their activities could be the focus of criminal action because of what they've done. What they failed to note is this blogger had their fake Twitter account, where they had stolen Paula Uccelli's identity to write nasty Twitter tweets in her name, taken down.

That fake account they made caused them to be in direct violation of California's powerful online impersonation law. SB 1411 made the kind of malicious digital impersonation that the persons committed against Paula Uccelli a misdemeanor that comes with fines up to $1000 and-or up to a year in jail. This blogger, Zennie Abraham actually saved them a trip to the slammer.

One of the attackers of Paula Uccelli and who was saved a trip to the pokey, lives in Sunnyvale, a well-to-do town that's the home of Apple Computer - yet he claims to be some avenger of the poor. In reality, this person terrorized an old woman who just wanted to get out of the business of running a harbor. For that reason - and that reason alone - someone had to step forward and help her.

This blogger, Zennie Abraham, wasn't "let go" of the San Francisco Chronicle; never paid me, and I never once used their brand to get press credentials; I use Zennie62Media. The reasons had zero to do with Chevron, and everything to do with my open complaint over how the website was being ran, and my assertion that I should be in charge of it. It was also because of my blog posts on Texas Governor Rick Perry's alleged gay relationship in 2004, and because SFGate terminated the City Brights program shortly after my departure. I made a video about the whole deal, blogged about it, and am proud of my actions in not blogging at the site. Mark that.

Anyone with an ounce of education can do research and find that was the case - only someone who picks on an elderly woman would twist another story to suit their own purposes. That's not something a good person does.

As for the Page Mill issue, James Lee is a person who never directly met with me to allow me to interview him. So for him to talk about me is patently silly. His idea is that by not allowing me to talk to him to give his side of the Page Mill view, he can then say that I'm against him. By contrast, the Page Mill developers didn't agree with my entire take, but they were nice to me; Lee was down right nasty. The open truth is James Lee was playing a game - he knows it. Everyone who's seen my video interviews knows that I give the person their platform to talk, and without interruption. James would have had that chance too, but he rebuffed me just to be mean.

Being mean is a habit this group of folks has that must stop. It's going to land them in jail. They're not doing anyone any good, and even people they're claiming to help privately express that they wish they would get out of the situation altogether.


Because good PR people don't run around making enemies, that's why; they work to get bloggers on their side by being nice to them. By contrast, this small group of folks have borrowed the meaning of the occupy name and twisted it to fit their own terrible goals and objectives. Just ask Paula Uccelli, who had garbage and human waste dumped at the front of her house. Tearfully, sadly, these folks aren't happy unless they're making someone else's life miserable, and they do not hesitate to pick on anyone who's not white, male, and middle or upper middle class - they particularly can't stand that I'm black, a techie, and "uncontrollable" - I have my own mind and run my own media company. They're the kind of folks that would immediately launch the played term "race card" when their own racism and sexism is called out. And they have zero problem harassing Paula Uccelli. Rather than negotiate with the elder woman, they think she can be scared into some alternative decision, when all she wants to do is get out of the harbor business. Only someone who views women as being targets for harassment would do that, then complain when others protect them. That's sexist.

If that happened to your own mother or relative, or elderly friend, you'd take action. You would be inhuman not to.

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