Who Is The Sexiest Woman In Oakland?

Who is the sexiest woman in Oakland?

This space would saw Megan Avalon if she were still a personal trainer at what is now FitnessSF.

That's a question that no person or publication has ever asked in the entire history of Oakland.  Think about it. When we think of Oakland, we are almost programmed to think of crime news or budget deficits, or police brutality. 

But the sexiest woman in Oakland?  Someone would get angry for objectification of the female form.

But considering who the sexiest woman in Oakland might be is a more mentally healthy and positive endeavor than thinking about the next shooting.  At the end of the day, what would come out of such a practice is that a lot of women would feel really good about being recognized for looking good.

Oakland has never done that, and if we're to really change this city, we have to inject a more positive image into it.  That starts with how we look at each other.

So, the question remains: who is the sexiest woman in Oakland?  When you walk the lake, think about it.  Nominate your friend, girlfriend or significant other.  Or maybe that CrossFit girl you've got a crush on?

We've got to make Oakland sexy. 

Oakland should be for sex, not for shooting.

That's a good t-shirt slogan!
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