San Leandro, CA: Meyers Nave Law Firm Represents City

San Leandro, CA - The City of San Leandro’s City Council recently reached agreement to continue to retain the law firm of Meyers Nave and (former Oakland) City Attorney Jayne Williams and Assistant City Attorney Richard D. Pio Roda as the City’s legal advisors.

The San Leandro City Council on Tuesday Feb. 19 asked that Jayne Williams and the City Manager Chris Zapata develop a new contract between Meyers Nave and the City to continue its contractual services to San Leandro.

The Meyers Nave firm was founded in 1986 in San Leandro by Steve Meyers, Michael Nave, Libby Silver and Mike Riback. San Leandro City Attorney Jayne Williams has served as City Attorney to San Leandro for the past 10 years and Assistant City Attorney Richard D. Pio Roda, a principal with the Meyers Nave firm, has served San Leandro for the past four years. The full story at here:San Leandro, CA Continues with Meyers Nave Law Firm to Represent City
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