Libby Schaaf, Oakland Councilmember (District Four) Blogs At

Libby Schaaf, Oakland's District Four Councilmember, has joined as an blogger about Oakland! Here's a peak at her first work:

Hi, I’m Libby Schaaf, Oakland’s District Four Councilmember.

This week offers some incredible learning opportunities for Oaklanders – a veritable civic classroom.

This Tuesday, April 23rd at our Oakland City Council’s Public Safety Committee, I’ve arranged for a presentation by Berkeley Law Professor Franklin Zimring on “What Oakland Can Learn From New York About Reducing Crime.” No city has come close to New York’s success in improving safety – reducing crimes like murder, robberies, burglaries and car thefts all by more than 80%. And no author or academic has come close to Zimring in rigorously studying it. He’ll present in City Hall Chambers (14th at Broadway) at 6pm, or you can watch the meeting on KTOP Cable Station 10 or live stream here ...

You can see it all here: The Civic Classroom: Libby Schaaf, Oakland Councilmember (District Four)
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