Stephen Curry Flattered By Sports Illustrated Cover, But Will There Be A Jinx?

There is such a thing as a Sports Illustrated cover jinx. Golden State Warriors Guard Stephan Curry is on the cover of the latest issue. However, because this issue did not come out just before Curry's rookie season or just before the playoffs, history says Curry can escape the dreaded jinx. The magazine has even acknowledged the legend of the cover jinx and tried to have fun with the issue itself.

I guess they figured if they addressed the issue as a joke the whole thing would, from then on, be treated as a joke. Nope.

*Just about a week ago, Indiana Hoosiers forward Victor Oladipo was featured on the cover. In their next game, Indiana fell to 4th-seeded Syracuse Orange in the sweet sixteen.

*December 2012: Deron Williams of the Brooklyn Nets struggles and gets injured soon after being on the cover of Sports Illustrated in the off season. This was one of the worst streaks of his NBA career.

*November 13, 2012: Kansas State University quarterback Collin Klein is featured on the cover, the week after Kansas State reached #1 in the BCS standings for the first time in school history.

November 18, 1957: Oklahoma Sooner Clendon Thomas appeared on the cover, along with others on the Sooner sideline, with the headline "Why Oklahoma is Unbeatable." The next game of that season Oklahoma lost to Notre Dame, ending their NCAA Division I record 47-game winning streak.

And there's a lot more.
If the Warriors, who hold a three and half game lead for the last playoff spot with just eight to play, miss the post-season we'll know who to blame.

Right now Stephen Curry says he flattered by the attention to himself and the team.

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