Libby Schaaf For Mayor Of Oakland?

Libby Schaaf
I have it from several sources that Oakland City Councilmember Libby Schaaf (District Four) is considering a run for Mayor of Oakland. This is a fresh rumor that come up on Tuesday while this blogger was at two different events.

It flies in the face of her original claim that she wasn’t ready to do so. In fact, Schaaf is set to run for re-election to her current District 4 Council Seat, so the rumor that she would run for Mayor comes as a bit of a surprise to this blogger. Plus, she’s a mother of two wonderful children and her husband Sal has held down the fort while Libby has worked in service to Oakland, so I would think he’s the ultimate decider in this case.

Personally, I told Libby she should run for Mayor five years ago, so I think she could be very effective if she were elected. But she’s got two major road blocks in the form of current fiscal front-runner and my favorite Bryan Parker, Joe Tuman , who’s an equally formidable candidate, and the incumbent, Oakland Mayor Jean Quan, who’s star is rising with every photo op she can get next to a construction crane.

And then there’s Anne Gust Brown, the first lady of California and wife of Governor Jerry Brown. Still rumored to run for Mayor of Oakland, still not denying the rumor. Finally, Patrick Mccullough, who ran against Oakland’s new District One Councilmember Dan Kalb, has put his hat in the ring, and still with his focus on fighting crime.

But one thing Libby has going for her: she’s the only white candidate who can effectively build a coalition of black female support (Joe Tuman is not white). And yes, I said that even with her battles with Oakland District Six Councilmember Desley Brooks. Anyone who underestimates Libby in that area is just plain stupid.

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