Miami Adult Only motel, Local:

Miami Adult Only motel, Local: For Miami Adult Only Motel, It's Executive Fantasy Hotels, Or Nothing Looking to spice up your marriage or your long-term relationship? At some point in your life with your wife or girlfriend, things can get a little, well, stale. Think about it: she's the only one for you, and you don't know anyone else, and you don't want to. You love each other. But things aren't the same. Well, I can recommend the best remedy for that problem: the Super Bowl and Executive Fantasy Hotels. The Super Bowl is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, even for those, like me, who attend it annually. Take it from me, you want to find an adult-only motel to really mark the time there. For the Super Bowl, Miami offers one of the best host city experiences among the NFL's cities, and one good reason for that is Executive Fantasy Hotels. Executive Fantasy Hotels is a series of adult hotel venues located in and around Miami. The idea is for you and your wife or husband to have a really fun time with each other. So, think of it: the Super Bowl is more than just an annual game, The NFL Championship. It's parties and concerts, celebrities, and so many fun activities you can't count them. There are more people in Miami for the Super Bowl than have tickets, and they're all looking for fun things to do. And the city and its businesses roll out the red carpet to welcome you. Literally. At the Super Bowl, you can go to several parties every night. There's the Maxim Party, the Playboy Party, the Leigh Steinberg Party, and the NFL Commissioner's Party, to name the top, most sought after, events. And the best restaurants have specials featuring their finest dishes and wine selections. With all of this fun, action, and excitement, you and your wife are going to want to retire to a place where you can 'top off' the evening appropriately. That's where Executive Fantasy Hotels comes in. My long-time girlfriend (and I hope one day wife) and I absolutely love the local Miami adults only motel chain Executive Fantasy Hotels. Each room is a step into a personal paradise, with lavish, over the top furniture and colors, and even amenities like a stripper pole with flooring and blinking party lighting and a wet bar. You can't go wrong with finding a motel with the Executive Fantasy Hotels chain. Check it out in Miami.

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