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Cam Newton Overcame Racism, Changed American Culture, On Way To Super Bowl 50 #SB50

Cam Newton Overcame Racism, Changed American Culture, On Way To Super Bowl 50 #SB50 - Video

Cam Newton Overcame Racism, Changed American Culture, On WayTo Super Bowl 50 When Cam Newton was drafted number one in the 2011 NFL Draft by the previously 2 and 14 Carolina Panthers, the media (including myself, who asked the first two questions), wondered what he thought about what one person called “the naysayers”. One reporter said “Are you at all concerned about what the naysayers say?” Cam said “No,” then paused and said “They are going to be there, and that's OK. I know I have a job to do.” In overcoming racism and focusing on his work, and just being himself, Cam Newton has managed to change American Culture. You have to understand that even though Cam Newton won wherever he went, including the National Championship while he was at Auburn, the press focused on the negatives, and in particular an alleged theft he was cleared of, and something beyond his control in how he was recruited. The desire to and act of painting Cam with the typical set of negative black male stereotypes was so powerful among the mainstream media, that the articles and comments made about Newton were complete examples of criminal levels of character defamation. There was the USA Today article trying to make the argument that Newton was not ready for the NFL, by comparing him to every black quarterback in history who did not do well, and then mentioning that Missouri's Blaine Gabbert, who the mainstream media wanted to be picked ahead of Newton, played in a “Pro Style” offense, when in point of fact Gabbert played in a college spread offense. If it wasn't that, it was The NFL's Mike Mayock saying that Newton didn't have the heart it took to be an NFL quarterback. Yep, Mayock questioned Newton's heart. Fortunately, Cam Newton had a nice bubble in the Carolina Panthers and they placed him in a nice crucible from which to grow. And boy, did he. But the real improvement came in 2015, when Panthers Offensive Coordinator Mike Shula and Head Coach Ron Rivera made the decision to open up the offense and have Cam throw from the pocket. In January of 2015, I said that Newton could be the next Peyton Manning. In 2015, he proved it, and now he's facing him in Super Bowl 50. And along the ride that has been the 2015 NFL Season, Newton has changed the minds of Americans who disliked his dancing after scoring touchdowns, and his generally playful and happy-go-lucky way. But something happened: with each win, people also saw the same Newton give footballs to joyful kids in the stands. Toward the end of the NFL Season, there were far more people in support of his dancing than not – they realized that Cam Newton was a good person, having a good time, doing his job very well, and trying to share his happiness with as many people as he could, and kids in particular. As many say they want Peyton Manning to ride out into the sunset with a Super Bowl 50 win, and I'm among them, I also want to see Cam Newton win. Cam Newton's gone through much of the same crap as many black men have and his success is our success – and if you think about it, America's too. Stay tuned.
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