Savvy Shields, Miss America, Tweets She Thinks God Talks Black To Her

Savvy Shields, Miss America, Tweets She Thinks God Talks Black To Her - Video

Savvy Shields, Miss America, Tweets She Thinks God Talks Black To Her Ok, Miss Arkansas, Savvy Shields, was crowned 2016 Miss America Sunday Night. She's a 21 year old University of Arkansas student, who's a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority and something of a pageant hound who was most recently Miss Ozarks. Savvy Shields is also active on social media, and even used a Twitter video to announce herself that she was the new Miss America. Her social media content is a happy mix of thoughts about friends, standing in line for a “Black Friday” sale in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and one rather unfortunate tweet that the new Miss America never should have made. Where she writes: "I feel like God talks black to me 'YOUUU IZZ BEINN DUMMB!'" - @REDhairGIRL225 9:17 AM - 1 Jul 2012 As one who was told he “talked white” by some African Americans I went to elementary school with, I thought that way of thinking ended decades ago. It certainly should have been destroyed with the election of Barack Obama as President of The United States in 2008. I remember when Oakland Mayor Elihu Harris called me into his office in 1996, and because I was his Economic Advisor at that time. Mayor Harris tossed a report on Ebonics in Oakland to me, and asked what I thought. I told him it was unnecessary and insulting to think that blacks needed some kind of crutch to help us learn in school. We were both against that idea. “Talking black” is outdated today. There are too many African Americans, African Brits, and African French who speak 'like anyone else.” “Talking black” was borne of a time when we were denied even the chance to go to school, let alone read a book. It reflects a slave-oriented mentality. This is the ugly history of America. It's a history our new Miss America should be aware of. Her tweet makes it clear that she's not. I'm sure Savvy Shields doesn't consider herself racist. But her tweet opens a lot of question about how Miss America thinks about blacks in America. Does she see anyone from President Obama to Oprah Winfrey as an aberration? What about me? Where did she learn this from? And why did she not delete her tweet. -- Zennie Abraham, Jr.: Phone: 510-517-7565 Executive Producer: Chairman and CEO: Subscribe to Zennie62 on _______________________________ Chairman and CEO Sports Business Simulations Visit Zennie Abraham is one of the first generation of YouTube Partners going back to 2006, and made partner in 2008. Visit Zennie62 at or Twitter: @Zennie62 or Also Zennie62 on Instagram, Vidoco, Tout, USTREAM, Delicious, and many other sites. Zennie62Media owns and controls an 80-blog network. We do content marketing, content development, and reputation management. NOTE: This email message is not for publication without the expressed, written permission of Zennie Abraham in the email itself.
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