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Carrie Fisher Died This Morning RIP - Share Your Thoughts

Carrie Fisher Died This Morning RIP - Share Your Thoughts - Video

Carrie Fisher Died This Morning RIP - Share Your Thoughts Carrie Fisher of Star Wars fame and a giant part of pop-culture, died this morning. She was 60 years old. Ms. Fisher who played Princess Leia, suffered what was described as a massive heart attack on Friday and on a flight from London to Los Angeles. She was rushed to the Ronald Reagan Medical Center at UCLA but there was little word on her condition. Now, TMZ reports a family member said she was unresponsive at the hospital. Please share your thoughts. Carrie Fisher Died Of Heart Attack Suffered Friday, This Morning Carried Fisher died – three of the hardest words in the World to type. On Friday, the 60-year-old Princess Leia boarded a United Airlines flight bound from London to Los Angeles. Aboard the fight, according to passenger accounts and from TMZ blog, Ms. Fisher first complained about not being able to breath. Then she went unconscious – an EMT on board the flight revived her enough to get her off the plane and to Ronald Reagan Medical Center at UCLA. Then, no news – Carrie Fisher was said to have been in stable condition. But now, according to TMZ, which has been all over the story, a family member said that she had been “unresponsive.” This is just so very sad. It really is. For those who came of age as teenagers and college students during the 80s, Carrie Fisher marked that time as much as George Michael did, and Prince too. And they have all passed on this year. But in Carrie Fisher's case, she was the custodian (or one of them) of a new type of science fiction that was more 'science fantasy' and that was Star Wars. The George Lucas movie that was released in 1977 was one I was first made aware of my my friend at Bret Harte Junior High (now middle school) in Oakland, Lars Frykman. He turned me on to George Lucas' book, and we and other friends eagerly awaited the release of Star Wars. We were not disappointed and our lives were forever changed. For her role, Carrie Fisher was not asked to play the normal damsel in distress – she was a woman who was, as Princess Leia, one who gave orders, shot blasters, and helped repair ships. That was the kind of female image in film my generation was treated to, and we have to thank not just George Lucas, but Carrie Fisher for delivering Princess Leia to us. Carrie Fisher. RIP.
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