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Rumor: Some Las Vegas Stadium Workers Said To Have Deliberately Removed Bolts, Did They?

Rumor: Some Las Vegas Stadium Workers Said To Have Deliberately Removed Bolts, Did They? - Video

Rumor: Some Las Vegas Stadium Workers Said To Have Deliberately Removed Bolts, Did They? I received a tip from a good source who was told during the Oakland Raiders Game last year against the visiting Jacksonville Jaguars at the Oakland Coliseum, that workers who were secretly opposed to the Las Vegas move, took an action that deliberately delayed the construction process. My source said that the person they talked to at the game explained that they went through and would remove certain bolts, then go back and tell the inspector about the bolt problem. That, in turn, set in motion the news we were made aware of regarding "bad bolts". Now, my source claims that the bolts weren't so much as "bad" as they were, for want of a better term, 'intentionally adjusted'. To put the news I was given in its proper perspective, the source is not a regular reader of my blog, and so did not see the series of reports based on information by the Las Vegas Whistleblowers. I can say that my sources did present actual photos of problems with bolts and welds, and constantly reminded me of the need to complement Mortensen-McCarthy on its attention to the safety of the worker. But this matter isn't about worker safety, it's about, apparently, an allegation now several months old that such an action as deliberately messing with certain bolts was taken. Given where the project is now, and what my source told me, the workers said to have done this, then told the inspectors there was a problem with the bolts - and the problem was taken care of. But, then time was lost, too. Raiders Chief Operating Officer Donn Webb hates rumors, and this is one problem he may know about. I have zero reason to believe my source is playing an information game, because he did not say the project was still with problems, but that the worker action caused an inspection that did inot need to occur. Still, and with that, one has to wonder what else is going on with the project that we don't know about. For example, it seems as if the stadium is all but a ghost town without a giant crew of workers to make the process of building go faster.  Did they run out of materials? Money? Both? Compared to So-Fi Stadium, and other NFL Stadium projects in recent history, it looks like there may be some issue with workforce size at this point. So-Fi Stadium is teaming with construction crews. Stay tuned.
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