Lake Merritt Lamppost Restoration - Vlog

Lake Merritt Lamppost Restoration
July 21, 2021. Lamppost Restoration sponsored by the Lake Merritt Breakfast Club. Opening ceremony. Photos, music & movie by John Kirkmire ©2021 & LMBC. For more info and to volunteer please contact "Join a work party to help clean graffiti, shine up and paint the lower portion of the lampposts that ring the lake. The LMBC is working in conjunction with the City of Oakland, using official paint and authorized supplies for this project." The original Lampposts were installed in 1925 to support the Necklace of Lights around Lake Merritt. Most lampposts have two dedication plaques attached, some are from 1925, others are from the restoration donors in 1986. The NOL could be seen nightly from 1925 to 1941 when it was turned off at the start of World War II. The NOL was then abandoned until the 1980's when the Lake Merritt Breakfast Club, inspired by a talk from Evelyn Jewett, decided to start a drive to restore the Necklace of Lights. Emelyn Jewett was the daughter of Senator Knowland and also publisher of the Oakland Tribune which helped publicize the NOL restoration until it was completed in 1987. 1925 will be the 100th anniversary of the Necklace of Lights. also see LMBC History:
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